Thursday, June 24, 2004

From the Ether to Here

My first post and so much to tell.

Initially I thought I would start with a little background about my life, then I realised how boring and predictable it would be to start at the beginning.

So here I am starting in the middle instead. I guess the beginning will come out in the telling, as time progresses and the story is told.

So lets talk about Today.

Today I went to the doctors because I have had bad tonsillitis and got some germ fighting antibiotics. Doctor C does her normal thing asking "any news yet?" - I really wish she would shut up sometimes. Ever since she found out 2 years ago that we were going to try for a baby it is the same thing every visit. "No we are not pregnant - please give me a lethal injection and put me out of my misery" - then had to sit and listen while she went on about a 15 year old patient who came to see her because she had awful pains and ended up being in Labour with her first child. Apparently she never knew she was pregnant, but perhaps it was just a "ignore it and let's hope it goes away" attitude.

You will be pleased to know her and her son are doing very well.

I really didn't need to know. After having a missed miscarriage in August last year at 9 weeks gestation, and after doing everything by the book, I didn't really appreciate hearing how this girl did everything wrong and never had one prenatal checkup and ended up with a perfect child.

I couldn't help myself - I said "and some of us do everything by the book and still lose our babies".

Oh I am mean sometimes huh.

Then I had a good laugh at the chemist as they explained patiently that taking antibiotics might negate the "pill". Ha - if only it was that easy.

We spend half our life hearing "don't look at boys - you will get pregnant that way" and now I can't get pregnant no matter how I try. (and I do look at my husband - I look at him a lot!)

Anyway, more interesting stuff - we are freezing here in Melbourne tonight. I loved the irony of the news yesterday too - We have been in the midst of quite a drought here and have had water restrictions in place for about 10 months so far. So while I was freezing standing in the pouring rain I read "water restrictions to become permanent" on the front page of the newspaper.

Time to go. I am being evicted from the day and need to get some sleep so I can face tomorrow.


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