Monday, May 23, 2005

Sydney stuff

Back with a list of things I didn't tell you about Sydney yet:

* I came back with as many hotel freebies as I could get - I can't help myself when I got to a hotel, I have to take the freebies - all of them!
* My hotel was only a couple of doors down from the "slip inn" - where Prince Fredrick met our now Princess Mary - in fact I thought it looked like a real dive and was avoiding it at all costs.
* I ordered room service twice and it felt so wicked to do that - I have never done that before.
* I went to a huge cross stitch and Yarn shop twice, and never bought a thing.
* I had a whole conversation with my cat Oscar on the phone one night, when Hubby put the phone on speaker and Oscar wandered around crying, trying to find me.
* I looked at the handbags in both Versace and Louis Vitton stores and wondered what the big deal was about.
* I forgot about babies until someone mentioned it - then I cried.
* I freaked the guys in the office out by discussing the foxtel adult channel...... in detail.
* Whilst I was there, I found out a huge secret about a friend, and I now understand him a lot better (it hasn't changed our friendship at all).
* I got home to a crappy reception. Hubby was asleep; the house was a mess and there was a very disturbing outline of a butter knife in the sink.
* I took my soft toy dog that my hubby gave me the trip he proposed to me on. And I cuddled it to sleep every night.
* I missed my blog friends so much.


At 10:40 pm, Blogger Katt said...

And we missed you too hun!!

Though I have lots of questions about the Foxtel Adult channel ;)do we assume you watch it ;)


At 7:58 am, Blogger shell said...

We all missed you too! *cheering* cant believe you went into huge yarn heaven place TWICE and didn't buy anything. As for the foxtel adult channel we didn't bother continuing with it after we switched to digital as you never really "see" anything

At 7:01 pm, Blogger Cathy said...

We certainly did miss you while you were in Sydney.

I'm with you in regards to the hotel freebies. When we stay in one we always get what we can to take home.


At 9:58 pm, Blogger Ova Girl said...

Welcome back and excellent work on the hotel stash.
I am enjoying the last of some very nice soap from posh Melbourne hotel (not at this exact moment)


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