Friday, June 25, 2004

Mum - I just painted the cat!

Why do I need children when I already have a big child.

Hubby admitted last night something that he had done, that he had been hoping to rectify before I found out.

A couple of days ago he had seen one of our cats, who decided that she couldn't possibly go in the kitty litter (there was probably a speck of something in there - she is so fussy), go to the toilet on our laundry floor. In his typical boy style of cleaning up, he went and got the kitchen paper towel and delicately placed sheet after sheet over the offending area. (Probably quite a work of art in the end!)

I suppose he thought that the magical properties of the paper towel that the TV is always telling us is there, would soak up each and every molecule of germs, or something like that.

Anyway, he waited a respectable amount of time (not sure what constitutes that, but I am sure boys have rules govening that) and he went to dispose of the paper towel (all germed out and now presumably covering a sparkling clean floor). He then wondered what to do with the towel - and thought "Oh it is only paper, I will flush it down the toilet!" and proceeded to do just that.

Of course, kitchen paper towel is not exactly the same consistency as toilet paper. In fact, I cannot see a time when I would ever get the two confused. Nor do I see a time when I would want to grab the old kitchen quality paper towel and rub it against any part of my body!

So there he was with a blocked toilet (but a sparkling clean floor, don't forget!). Perhaps he decided that it wasn't the paper blocking the toilet, but the germs instead!

He spent the next two days trying to unblock it himself and then finally had to admit to me that he had blocked the loo.

I would have found out tomorrow anyway, when I went to give it it's weekly thorough cleaning. We have an unwritten rule in this house that he has his toilet and I have mine. I have just always preferred the one in the ensuite for some reason. But his mother was coming for dinner and he knew she would probably want to use the main toilet, and it was totally unusable.

I think the funniest thing was seeing this grown man, cowering like a little boy who had just admitted to Mum that he had painted the cat or something.

Anyway, he worked on it today and got it unblocked. I was the lucky recipient of this good news when I got home and luckily I had a good 30 minutes to then clean the toilet and floor area before his mother arrived, as, of course, he had unblocked it but never thought to do anything like cleaning afterwards.

Boys - don't you love them?

We all had dinner and then Mother-in-law and I went to the pictures - but I will leave that until tomorrows blog entry.


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