Friday, December 10, 2004

Christmas is fast approaching - Look busy

There are HOW MANY days until Christmas?
OMG I had better get cracking - I have so much to do.

Will I make it? Well I had better or I am going to have a very upset family on the day.

I have the inlaws coming to stay from Sydney - luckily we have another house that we haven't rented out yet - so they have somewhere to stay that gives them and us a little bit of privacy. They are absolutely lovely and we love seeing them. They have two small children who are adorable as well.

So I am doing Christmas lunch. Mostly for hubby's family - his mum, step-dad, and his brother and his family. My sister might come, but the rest of my family are busy with their inlaws. It is getting harder and harder to work out a time where we can all get together.

Well I am off to work. Have a great day all.


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