Tuesday, April 05, 2005

um.. 9pm update LOL

Ok - so I have a one track mind at the moment. I have been to the loo so many times that sometimes I can't even pee because there is nothing new since the last loo trip LOL

I was wrong about AF arriving. I thought it would be here by now, and more than 6 hours after making that statement I am still waiting.

No more spotting other than the very first spot.

I bought a HPT. Now I have to stop myself using it.

So which do you think will come first? The HPT being used or AF?

I know it is stupid but as much as I hate the 2ww, I have a particular strange sort of love for the last couple of days of it. Just for that small amount of time I might be pregnant. Maybe just maybe I might have a precious little life growing inside me.

As much as I know in my heart that in all likelihood I am not going to be pregnant, it is so wonderful to have a "Maybe" time.

Maybe, just maybe, I am.


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