Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Wrap Up

We went out last night - a bbq at a workmates house. It was weird as I think we were the only married couple there. The hostess revealed that she really wanted it to just be single people but she likes me and wanted me to be there (I think it was more that I was there when she announced the bbq at work to a group of single people and she didn't know how to get around me being invited). I was pretty pissed about it because she roped me into organising a lot of it too. "Sucker" is now firmly printed on my forehead.

So I felt really out of it after that, despite everyone being really nice to us. It was just freaky I think. Kind of spoilt the whole thing.

So I retaliated by being a bitch. Like when we were discussing birthdates and one girl said her birthday was 20th December and she said "I was born just 5 days before Christ", I immediately said "same year?". Yep I am a first class bitch.

I think it helped that despite being the only married ones, we were also some of the youngest there. This was a bbq of desperate aging singletons with one thing in mind - finding a husband\wife. They freely admit that this is their aim in life right now. Scary.

I never got desperate about finding a husband. I figured that if it happened, it happened and if it didn't I would be happy and single. No big deal for me, but these people are desperate for a wedded partner.

Anyway, I was a bitch and I drank too much and I was happy to go home. When we left I even took back the half finished dessert I brought. What a bitch. LOL

p.s. If anyone from work comes across this blog - you know I love you all very much!!! Honest!

So we came home and I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt we got a new dog and she didn't look like a golden retriever that we have been considering getting but like Lulubelle.

I was standing out the front with hubbie and we were assessing the fences. Maddie and the new puppy were behind the fence and I was musing over a wire fence that hubby had created some time back (he has never created a fence that I know of) and telling him that the holes in the wire were too large and the pup would get through. He agreed and went about fixing the fence up securely. While he was doing this I noticed that Oscar the cat had taken it upon himself to get some tools and materials and was repairing a front fence (which we don't even have). He was looking back at me and working hard on fixing like bamboo panels over the fence so the pup wouldn't get out. I was so proud of my dear Oscar.

So I think this dream was brought on by me reading this - Thanks Vixanne. I realised that I have OMG too, except in my case it is 2 cats, a dog, 50 tanks worth of fish, a couple of parrots, and until recently 2 chickens. God I hope I get pregnant soon or I might have to get some more animals!

Tarot update: I meant to tell you all that I don't do my own tarot readings. A very dear friend of mine does my tarot readings. Actually I haven't told her that I have been learning, as I am scared stiff that I could not be as good as her. I could probably not do a reading for her, but that is okay, as I know she has someone else far more qualified doing her readings.

I am going to try to do the readings today for those of you who have asked. It will all depend on whether this headache I woke with goes away, and I think it is beginning to lift already. I want to do a good job and be totally focused for all my friends. I need to do you all justice. Hopefully I can.

Have a great day all.


At 6:39 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

Hey Lisa, I think you gave the singles at the party something to look forward to anyway! Maybe they will get as lucky as you and me one day. Your not a sucker, just nice! I do know what you mean about the more animals, if I wasn't renting Iwould have got a few more by now I can tell you! Hope you have a great evening. Take care and hugs from me.


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