Friday, March 11, 2005

The overflow

Sometimes teeny tiny things happen that make me realise once again that I love my husband so very much that there just isn't words that can adequately describe it (yet that doesn't stop me trying to describe it on my blog - go figure).

We are a bit cash strapped at the moment. Bills have just chosen "now" to come in and attack us. Last night I realised that I had a farewell lunch to attend at work today and I had about $4.50 in my purse. I was talking to Hubby on the phone (he was on nightshift last night), and asked him if he had any money at the moment. He said that he had about $10 and that was it. He asked why and I told him but also said that it really didn't matter as I wasn't closely associated with the guy leaving and it really would not matter if I didn't end up going. No big deal at all.

He comes home this morning and hands me $50. He went via the ATM, and got $50 out for me. This is at like 6am after working a very tiring 12 hour shift. He said "Go enjoy yourself". I didn't want to take it as it really didn't matter whether I went or not. But he insisted. I told him I would give him the change. He said "You better not! I want you not to worry about the money and just have a nice lunch" God I love him.

So I had a nice meal of chicken kiev, and indulged in a lemon, lime and bitters and a great gourmet coffee afterwards. All up I spent $26 so not too bad I guess.

My purse may not be full, but my heart sure is.

It makes me wonder how I got so lucky in life. He may not be rich, tall and he sure doesn't look like Pierce Brosnan, but when I look at him, my heart overflows with joy. He is just so damn beautiful to me. I wish I could make him a "Daddy". I wish I could see the same beauty in the eyes of our child. It would be my greatest gift to both him and myself. I wish we could F'N HURRY UP AND GET PREGNANT. I am so impatient for that day.

I'm sorry that these last few posts have been about my hubby. He fills all my thoughts at the moment, and there is room for naught else.

I hope everyone is doing well.

p.s. BK - that book you lent me Rocks!


At 4:01 pm, Blogger Sara said...

What a beautiful post . . .

I know, sometimes we get so wrapped up in the TTC game that we forget the husband who bears with us through thick and thin. Thank you for reminding me how wonderful it is to be thankful . . :-)

At 5:27 pm, Blogger Bugsy said...

Thanks Sara,

I try really hard to keep the relationship I have with hubby in mind every day. I am very aware that ttcing can put quite a strain on it, and I want him by my side until my last breath on this earth. (so I gotta be nice to him lol)


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