Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Mixed Bag

I have a mixed bag for you today - rather like lollies, probably those that I am no longer allowed to eat.

Yesterday I increased my metformin as instructed. OMG boy do I know about it. I have spent most of my day today in the loo. I knew that diarrahea was a possible side effect, but I didn't realise I would cop it this bad. I did read that it should settle down within about 4 days. I am assuming that it will just start to settle down and I will increase the dose as planned next week and cop it for another 4 days or so.

The strangest thing is that I don't care. I am willing to go through this if I am going to eventually get a baby - as long as it does settle down. It if doesn't then I will have no choice except to stop it.

But we will see.


Last night as we walked though a shopping centre looking for a 25th wedding anniversary present - I saw something special. A lady walking in front of us had a baby to her shoulder, seemingly no more than about 3 months old. The baby had his\her eyes fixed on Hubby and was giving him the biggest smiles. I nudged him and showed him. He smiled back. Cute baby gurgled and laughed. How damn cute is that!!!!


Last week we won 2 tickets to see "The Incredibles". We went today and it was pretty funny. Outside the cinema is one of those kids play centres with lots of machines etc, to throw lots of money into and get little or no rewards.

I was made to consider the impact of these places, when a little boy of about 5 years of age, burst into tears because he hadn't been able to shoot enough baddies in the war game he was playing (with the lifelike looking gun device still in his hands). Is this same boy going to cry outside his high school in 10 years time when he doesn't shoot enough of his fellow classmates?

I was further shocked to see Mum calming him down by putting more money in the unit and helping him aim better. Good on you Mum - sterling job you are doing there! I wonder in the future if you are going to find yourself on the receiving end of a real gun? What will you do then I wonder? "No honey, a little too the left. Your other left sweetie - aim for the heart now".


Tomorrow is my brother and sister in law's 25th Wedding Anniversary. It will be a great test area for me. My Sister in law's family are all the biggest snobs you have ever ever met. I don't know how my sister in law escaped being as "perfect" as them - but she is truly ok in my books.

I am positive tomorrow I will hear her family say to me (when they decide to stop ignoring me) any of the following phrases (all said with smiles, I assure you):

* No babies yet? You really should hurry up and have some.
* Still fat I see? You are lucky hubby doesn't care.
* My child (insert child's name) is so perfect. I could tell you some great stories, but I am sure you wouldn't understand - you know, not having children yourself and all.

But they will most likely ignore me like they normally do, turning their backs to us when they do see us, with their noses well turned up as the fashion dictates.

My sister emailed me yesterday and said "let's both get really drunk and sit outside ignoring everyone. If they say anything nasty, we can do a "panasales*"" <- my sister is so cool.

* Panasales = recently my sister went to buy a TV. She went to a shop called Panasales and the people were so rude to her, ignoring her, trying to sell her crap when they did attend to her, and then trying to tell her that the price on the item was incorrect and she should give them more money, that she got really angry, screamed at them for ages, really letting them have it and then stormed out. It has been immortalised in our family history as "doing a panasales".


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