Friday, February 25, 2005

The Aussie Influence

We have had this "summit" on at work this past week and have had a few visitors here from our overseas offices.

Doing my bit, I have been hanging out with these guys and teaching them a little of what Aussies are all about.

You know, I was so proud today when my new mate from the good old USA said "Just chuck a "U-ee" here". LOL

For my overseas friends - a U-ee means a U turn - which is when you turn 180 degrees in the street to drive back the way you came. ( like if you go too far down the street, you might do a U-ee to go back to where you really wanted to be).

Of course, it did disturb me greatly that every restaurant we went into he wanted to eat a Wallaby!

He went home to New Jersey this afternoon - I will miss him, and the others who were from Malaysia, New Zealand and England - they all went home today too.


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