Sunday, February 13, 2005

Hubby should have been born rich!

I think Hubby should have been born rich. He LOVES it when he has someone running around after him.

We went to see "The Aviator" tonight in Gold Class. As I said in my previous post, it was hubby's valentine's day pressie and he was really surprised.

When we parked the car he said "I knew it would be the pictures" but he didn't expect Gold Class and he adapted in seconds. Sitting down, reading the menu and immediately ordering a Scotch. Then he decided on two of their main dishes, two sweets and a coffee, oh, not to mention popcorn and coke! I also had a coke, one of their main dishes and a dessert. All up we spent $88.25 on top of the price of the tickets! I am so glad we don't do this very often.

Of course, Hubby so enjoyed it, he said that we really should do this more often, (right about the time I was bruising from the dint to the credit card and thinking that we should NOT be doing this too often!).

And the movie was fantastic! What an incredible movie - with so many fantastic actors. Cate Blanchett was incredible as Katharine Hepburn. You almost believed it was Katharine Hepburn itself.

I can't say I have ever really been a major fan of Leonardo DiCaprio's work, but I have to say he really did a fantastic Howard Hughes. Now I don't know a lot about the life of Howard Hughes, but man, that guy was really screwed up. Talk about obsessive-compulsive.

Now I am wondering if there is a biography of Howard Hughes in the local library. They hinted to stuff with his mother in the movie that I would like to explore further.

So definately, if you get the chance, go see it. Although if your hubby is like mine, don't take him gold class and give him free reign with the menu. LOL.

hmm which reminds me, I might be able to get my revenge tomorrow night when he takes me out to dinner. Might have to skip lunch I think!!!!!



At 8:14 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

lol, Sounds like you and your husband had fun! Men and food!
Have not seen that Movie but like Cate and Leonardo as actors.. Hope you have a good day tomorrow too!
Luv Lesley

At 12:49 pm, Blogger Burnt Karma said...

There were lots of fake biographies out there too...

I have a biography of two of the most famous fakers. I found it at the op shop. It's an incredible read, about how they cobbled together all the fake signatures etc and back stories to present an "authorised" biography that was one of the biggest hoaxes.

Have you got a PO Box address? I can mail it to you. You'll love it.


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