Sunday, March 06, 2005

The weekend wrap up (so far)

I don't feel so good. I have woken up with the worst migraine I have had in a very long time. It hurt so much that I couldn't get out of bed and just laid there and cried. Hubby held me and asked what was wrong, and when I could stop to tell him, he got up and got me some strong painkillers, then made me breaky in bed. He wouldn't let me get up.

Eventually the painkillers kicked in and has taken the edge off of this pain, but now I also feel crap because of the painkillers. I will probably come back to this post and realise it doesn't even make sense because of my addled brain. Arrgghhhh

AF has finally stopped and I feel much better with that at least.

Last night we went to an engagement party of hubby's best friend. We have been trying to convince them to get married for years but they were scared of making the commitment. Which cracks me up because they have three children (the eldest is hers from a previous relationship, but he is considered both of theirs).

It was a pretty good party apart from being asked when we are having kids (internally screamed "When we F'n do!" but smiled nicely and said nice general crap like "Oh hopefully one day soon" or "it isn't something that is easy for us"). We met some nice people that they are friends with, but generally their friends are very very rough, and not like us at all.

There was the lady there that has had several children and all but the last one (about 3 years old now) have been taken away from her. I played with that little girl for a while, and she was quite cute, except when she become determined to pull a button off my coat and only hubby prying her fingers away from the button saved it from being ripped off.

They asked hubby to be best man! He is quite stoked and all night he talked about it and making sure he does a good job. We knew it was a possibility that he would be asked, but hubby was still surprised when he was actually asked. I am so happy for him though - I know he would have been a little disappointed if he wasn't asked, even though he never would have said so.

The other thing that was mentioned last night, was that they think their dog is pregnant (again). They have a purebred rottweiler who has the best nature. She is very very gentle and very good with the kids. Extremely loyal and protective. Her first litter of pups (fathered by a ridgeback) have apparently the same gentle nature she has. I told them last night that if she is pregnant, we want one of the pups. Hubby is not that keen, but I am. She has all the qualities in a dog that I want. She is gentle, good with children but also quite intimidating and protective. I want a dog who can make me feel safe when hubby is on nightshift.

So it was quite a big night.


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