Saturday, March 19, 2005

Doctors all round.

I made the choice this week to spend less time at the computer. Instead I have started a craft project for my friends little boy who is due in August. I can't talk about it here as she does sometimes read my blog, but I will show you when I can (probably after I give it to her).

It doesn't mean that I haven't been trying to follow my friends blogs. I have been reading quite a bit still.

Yesterday I went back to Dr. Compassionate. He was excellent. Hubby's SA results were back and they are boringly NORMAL. (at least one of us is normal). He suggested that we give the metformin a couple more cycles, and I argued the point. I mean why am I continuing to wait. I cannot see why we can't start the ball rolling for further treatment while we are waiting to see if the metformin works.

He agreed with me, and gave me a referral to an IVF specialist. I made an appointment for 2nd May (first one I could get). I have yet to work out a name for this new doctor - we will have to wait and see what he is like.

I did some research on him on the internet, and he is very prominent, so that is good. He has written many many articles and quite a few books. He has had a long history with IVF and from his picture he has kind eyes. I so hope that he is nice.

So we will see.

I have been getting a weird pain on my side, which from talking to a friend might be O pain (yippeee). I still haven't seen a + opk yet this cycle and I am CD19 so far. Last cycle I had a 20 day cycle, so we will see how long this one lasts. The other exciting thing is that I have great EWCM, so that combined with the possible O sign is a great indication that O is happening sometime soon. Temps are still down so it hasn't happened yet, I don't think.

Dr Compassionate also said he wants me to up the cycle recording. Not just temps like I have been doing, but CM, mood, bds, opks, everything. Just when I wanted to give that crap up!

Yesterday we also took some of the pets to the vet. We took both the cats and the dog, all at once. All they had to do was have their shots, so we didn't think it would be too bad. That was........... until we got the bill. For all of them to have their shots and get wormed and for the dog to have her yearly heartworm injection ----- $305 OMG I nearly keeled over on the spot. That is over $100 per animal. Am I being silly or does that sound like highway robbery to you too? I think I understand why some people don't maintain their pet's healthcare. I know it is our choice to have so many animals but that just seems very expensive. We are great believers in vaccinations, desexing and looking after our pets so I think we are quite responsible pet owners. Believe it or not, that price was with the $20 discount we got for bringing more than one pet at a time. I think I want to be a vet. Do they all live in mansions?

All three of them were so cheesed off at us afterwards that they wouldn't come near us. Today they have forgiven us though.


At 10:27 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

Bugsy..Let's hope this I.V.F. specialist is the one and you get a plesant suprise really soon. but wouldn't it be so good if you got a bfp before you went to see him..I am still so hoping for you.. I hope the pain was "o" pain... Hope you have a good one!

At 1:20 pm, Blogger DeadBug said...

Great news on the R.E. appointment, but I'm with Lesley in hoping that your pending O does the trick instead!


At 12:26 pm, Blogger Katt said...

Ok Can I be one that puts her hand up tentativly and ask WHAT all these initals you use are? Being as I never did any of that working out times and stuff when getting pregnant with my two (I just relaxed and had a LOT of sex! lol..No harm in trying all the time is there?)..I dont know all these meanings.

I do hope you fall pregnant soon though.


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