Saturday, July 23, 2005

That will teach them to call me on CD1

OK I am angry and irrational. I am also on CD1 of my first cycle after a miscarriage and I think that entitles me to feel this way as much as I like.

I just had some stupid telemarketing crap call.

It went something like this:

dude(say this really fast, like so fast, you can't understand what he is saying): "Hello - is that Mrs. Bugsy? Congratulations, you have been selected to receive a free holiday from acern (acorn? acron????) and you only have to answer three small questions - tell me are you married?"

Me: "yes"

dude: "excellent and are you both between 16 and 79?"

Me: sceptically "well yeah" (like so is 90% of the f'n population jerk)

dude: "and what is your combined annual income?"

Me: "frig off, I am not telling you that - NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS"

dude: "Maam, I need an answer to this or I cannot give you your free holiday"

Me: "who gives a shit. This is just another scam to suck people in to buy timeshare crap, or other such shit. I don't need your crap, especially not today. Goodbye"

I am pretty sure I heard him say "no wait, it isn't......" as I slammed down the phone.

I know I shouldn't let it upset me but I feel like crying now. I have a headache, gut wrenching cramps and I just want to cry. I may disconnect the phone.

ooohh just remembered - We have some other dude coming to speak to us this afteroon about patternpaving the driveway.

Whist I can say No to these people, Hubbs seems to send them invites, put out the best glasses, and bake brownies in eager anticipation of their arrival. It drives me crazy!!!!! I do not want these people in our home.

Pre warning to them - they better not piss me off today!


At 10:32 am, Blogger Mama Mouse said...

Big BIG hugs!!

At 4:10 am, Blogger Panda said...

This is absolutely the appropriate response to telemarketers. I did that job for all of ten days, selling insulation, of all things. Really - you either want insulation or you dont. Its not something you can talk someone into. Luckily, I was fired before I could quit.

Vent, girly. Even at the patternpave guy: "Call that a pattern????"


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