Saturday, August 26, 2006

The weekend catch up

Firstly I must direct your attention to the pictures of Mari's son - OMG he is so perfect. I won't tell you how much I cried when I saw his picture. Go look Here - go on.... I will wait.

back? Good.

A funny pic to start with - Have you ever wondered what cats are really made of? We did, so we flipped Oscar over and checked out his ingredients. Who would have thought he had that much sugar in him?

p.s. Oscar was definately not amused, I can tell you. hehe.

I bought some cottons for my embroidery machine - as you can tell I have a good range of colors now. Each reel has 1000 metres on it, so I think they will last a while.

It has been another hard week. My emotions ebb and flow but I think I am getting better at handling things. I went to a jewellery sale today and a lady put her baby girl on the 20Cent table while she sorted herself (and the jewellery in her hands) out - I couldn't resist and asked her mum if she was 20 cents too (on the inside I wanted to cry). Her mum said she would pay me 40 cents and throw in her 4 year old as well. lol sweet but my heart was breaking on the inside.

Another lady there rubbed her belly and couldn't help telling me she was 8 weeks pregnant. I smiled and moved on, it was either that or tell her I just lost my third and start crying. Tough situations abound everywhere. it is a matter of working out how to handle it.

Hubbs and I had a lovely night last night - we did a lot of talking. We both acknowledge that this situation has really strained both of us. But he emphasised (okay he got angry at me that I would even think it), that he does NOT blame me in any way, shape or form. He knows how much I wanted these babies, he knows I tried everything possible to keep them. it is just a shitty situation, but one totally out of our control. He told me that all of this just continues to make our marriage stronger. I feel a lot better now about everything (well .... this second at any rate lol).

Friday was daffodil day here - a day close to my heart. We are encouraged to buy daffodils and other stuff to remember those affected by cancer and those lost to cancer. Since it so closely follows the date I lost my father, and because I lost both parents to cancer, I feel very strongly about this day. One of the things you can buy is a small teddy bear, which differs every year. I always make sure I buy a teddy every year, and have daffodils in my house as well. On Friday I saw the stand at the shopping centre and went to buy my bear. The lady asked me if I had been affected by cancer, and my throat closed up and I could barely say "I lost both my parents to cancer". She gave me a paper cut out in a daffodil shape and asked me if I wanted to write a message to my parents on it to put up on the wall. The tears flowed good and proper then and I managed to utter, "I couldn't possibly" while I wiped the tears. She handed me the paper daffodil and said "you take it home love, and write your message there. you don't have to bring it back here if you don't want". Very sweet.

I have also finished another dishcloth - picture to follow in another post. And I have been busy every lunchtime at work, teaching people at work how to knit. It has been heaps of fun and they have been so easy to teach. I have loved it.

Well better be off - i bought a bag that i want to have a go embroidering for my mother in laws birthday this week (if that fails I better get off my butt and find something to buy her!).


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