Wednesday, October 03, 2007

He really does sleep like his father!

Alex is doing well - chubbying up nicely and being such a good boy. Last night he slept from 10pm to 6am and he has 2 much happier parents today as a result. We play peek a boo (and also play it in Italian as well ) and he laughs when i blow raspberries on his cheeks.

I went into his room the other day and found him sleeping like this:
Funny little man.

I left him with Hubbs at the shop on Monday while I went to the dentist. I was gone just over an hour and I missed him terribly.

Yesterday I left him for 3 hours while I went and did another 2 hour glucose tolerance test. Mum in law came over and sat with him for the whole time and he was well looked after. I was even later than expected as I got a flat tyre and had to see to that. I had a nice long nail in my tyre, which has now been repaired. Hopefully the test will show that my body has no sign of diabetes any longer!

Tomorrow I am leaving him again with Hubbs while I go to the chiropractor to see about this back that I believe has been out since giving birth - it hurts heaps when I walk around too much so will be happy to get that fixed. Then I am dropping into work with Alex to visit. Friday we have health centre visit again. What a busy week.

Today was our only full day at home this week, and I cooked up 16kgs dog food for our dogs. We save about $20 a week by me cooking the dog food up myself. Recipe is on my recipe website - link to the right. The dogs love it too.

I am keen to knit but nothing has struck me as exciting enough to start. One day soon I hope. I love the new knitty patterns ( - noice! I want to knit something!

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At 5:06 pm, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Oh he really is the most adorable little boy. Look at his feet !!!..

Hope your test comes back ok.

Danielle x

At 6:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's as cute as ever!
Hope the appointment goes well and that everything is fine.
I still miss a.j when I am away for more than a few hours and he's 7 now..
Hope you get some down time and get to relax. Glad bubby slept well for you. Fingers crossed for more to follow.
Hugs, Lesley


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