Sunday, September 23, 2007

When life starts to get busy.

Just in case I wasn't busy enough next week, what with Alex's 6 week check up at the paediatrician's tomorrow and my 6 week check up with the Ob on Friday, and - my sister is supposedly coming over on Tuesday as well as my Mother in law. If that wasn't enough - tonight during dinner - I broke the whole side off a tooth. Bugger.

I hate going to the dentist but have been looking after my teeth well, or so I thought. My last visit was at the start of the pregnancy where I did a partial root canal but couldn't continue it because I was pregnant. So they did the bit where they clean out the root, but just put a temporary filling on the top until the pregnancy was over. I guess the pregnancy is over now huh. Bugger -means I will have to get that finished now too. By the way - all the work done so far on the root canal - No anesthetic - thank you very much. I asked them not to give me any as I was worried about the baby being affected by it and I didn't have any discomfort from the work they did - the dentist was most impressed though that I did it without anesthetic.

I think I will look for a new dentist - one closer to the shop so I can drop Alex off with Hubbs while I am at the dentist. I can't very well take him with me now. Although with his cuteness he might charm the dentist into being ultra nice to his mummy!

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