Thursday, September 13, 2007

Knitting? Not mine - that is for sure.

I went to the doctors on Monday about my low milk supply and now I am on Maxalon to see if that makes a difference. I think it is already, although not to any great extent. The only change I have noticed is that if I miss 1 feed my breasts start leaking which is a new thing. It hasn't seemed to have made any difference to Alex's desire for the bottle though - he still has sometimes up to 130 mls as a "top up" after a breast feed. But it is early days.

My knitting bag moved from the bedroom where I was last knitting whilst in labour, to the loungeroom. I even managed to work out where I was up to in the pattern, but as yet not a stitch has been knitted.

However, others have been very busy. I have, I think, finished updating the pictures of pressies people have given Alex to the flickr picture slideshow (see right hand side under "gifts for wriggles".) Check out the lovely knitted items I have been given. Mum in law has knitted the most beautiful shawl - it is so lovely - and a blue pram blanket which is just perfect and so soft. Please take a moment to check them out. (added here for ease)

My Nana is pretty cool huh!

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At 12:52 pm, Blogger Anne Basso said...

I was just wondering if you'd been in contact with anyone from the Le Leche League where you are?

Most babies will still take a bottle even if they've taken enough from the breast, so that may not be an adequate judge of how much milk you're making. I wish I were there so I could help more. My best advice is to feed him as often as he likes and for as long as he likes, and if he seems done see if you can't get a few more minutes out of him.

Also, if you pump after a feed, even for just five minutes, it can really help bulk up your supply. And if you need a breastfeeding cheerleader, I'm your girl!

At 9:46 am, Anonymous Leoni said...

Hi ya Bugs,

Wow what lovely gifts Alex need to extend your house to store them all lol!
I love the knitted shawl and pram blanket, gorgeous. I see nana Gunn has spent a fortune on bubsy!

Before I choof off, letting you know we are moving to Melb!! So will be in the same city as you as of Jan 08 next year. Would love to catch up before Alex starts school LMAO



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