Thursday, August 30, 2007


My little piglet went for a weigh in today. In just 6 days he has put on 380grams! So he is officially "the piglet". The health care nurse was excellent today and she told me that she can see that I am instinctively a fantastic mum. She said I read him well and that I am doing a really wonderful job with him. I felt great.

Of course piglet has some complaints. He really really does not like this hat. Check out the face!
But he did "High 5" me after his successful weigh in.

Can you see the changes in him? I can but then I see him all the time. Check out the cheeks. I so want to pinch them (that's the Italian coming out in me ). He is much happier and more alert every day. He loves bath time but hates sleeping in his own bed. He would prefer to cuddle in Mum or Dad's arms, but we are trying to be a little routine with him and get him in his own bed most of the time. We haven't let him in our bed yet (except for a photo where he really cracked it - must post that one sometime).

So we are doing well. I am calm, except when I watch Oprah and she has a really sad show and I cry (like today - omg - it was about a terrible car crash where the impact of the crash caused the seatbelt to decapitate a 7 year old girl and her mother was found in shock sitting next to the car holding her daughter's head).

Hubbs and I are both tired, which is the only reason I will excuse Hubbs from telling me to stop whinging at 7am this morning when I asked him to do that feed as I was up with him all night and I was exhausted. (i have been doing all the night feeds for the last week, as well as all the day feeds. Hubbs does one feed in the morning if I am lucky, and 1-2 feeds when he gets home at night (well I do the breastfeeding bit of course - but he helps with the bottle top ups and nappy changes))

I feel like I am getting somewhere with the house, although it isn't evident yet. Every day I get one extra thing done. Today I cleaned out a cupboard - yay.

I can't sleep during the day - it just doesn't happen as I have so much going through my head. So I clean, play on facebook, or do fun stuff like clean bottles, make up formula etc.

The breastfeeding is getting easier, and less painful but my supply is still fairly low. He can totally drain me and still be hungry - so we are still doing formula top ups - but being a piggy that can be over 100mls of formula. I skipped two feeds during the night (he just had bottles - don't worry - we didn't make him starve) and this morning I noticed I was leaking a little which I have never had happen before, so I expressed and got the most I have ever got - 18mls. Not fantastic but better than the 1ml I have been getting. So we are still persevering with it and hopefully it will increase enough soon that he doesn't want the formula top up.

I am hoping I can get organised enough to do some knitting - I keep picking it up and putting it back down again as he needs me or something else needs doing. One day.....



At 8:48 pm, Blogger Cathy said...


I have just caught up with your exciting news.

Alex is a wonderful looking boy. His pickies are beautiful.

You've done a marvelous job and you are a fantastic MUM.


At 7:01 am, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Look at you little man, growing by the day...

Just beautiful....

That is so tragic on Oprah, I like her show but sometimes she can keep you awake for weeks.


At 9:35 am, Anonymous Meg said...

380g - wowie! He's so lovely, Bugsy.

(Are you taking domperidone for your supply, btw? Email me if you need any help with that kind of stuff, I am the low supply queen of the world, haha)

At 10:31 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bugsy

A big congratulations from a lurker.
Have you tried Fenugreek to increase your supply - this is a natural alternative. The instructions are to take it until your skin starts to smell like maple syrup. This worked for me.

Good luck. Glad to see what fun you are having!!


At 2:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya know, I tried for 6 weeks with the breast feeding and then got an infection in my nipples which I found out was mastitis and sadly had to go to formula feeds. It was heartbreaking and I felt very badly, like a failure. Not enough people helped me with the problem and my trouble with nipples that did not stick out properly even though I wore very uncomfortable breast shields which were supposed to help the nipples stick out properly. Your doing a great job of persevering with the breast feeding. I hope it works for you but if it does not work for you, try not to feel badly and don't put too much pressure on yourself. Congrats again on such a beautiful baby boy..
Hugs, Lesley


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