Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm a good mummy!

The maternal health care nurse came today - a different one to Friday. She weighed Alex and the little piggy has put on 140grams since Friday - and now weighs more than his birth weight. On Friday he was 120grams under his birth weight so he is doing really well.

The nurse said "you are doing a really good job with him" which made me feel great, and she gave me some tips on settling him and never said anything about my house except that we will have to make sure the cats are not in his room with him (which we already knew), and that we might have to declutter a bit before he gets mobile (which is also fine - that comment I can cope with).

So I am trying some of her hints to see if I can get him to settle a bit. But if they don't work with him I will go with my instincts and settle him how I have been doing.

Tomorrow we are going to try a very short outing together. Hubbs broke his glasses (lucky he has a spare pair) so we are going to take them to the optometrist to get fixed (minor repair).

ok better go - in my new found role of good wife and mother I am determined to make a healthy meal every night and I haven't even started tonights meal yet lol. Better get cracking before hubbs gets home from the shop.

Nite all.

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At 9:20 pm, Blogger K|nneret said...

Bugsy- congrats on your son!

Please don't take on too much or you *will* crash. I remember thinking ..."piece of cake" and after about 1-2 weeks in, I was a mess. So take care of you and the baby and put housework and cooking third and fourth. Sleep when the baby sleeps ...and more important words never existed. Trust me!!

Most importantly ... have fun and enjoy this time, it passes in the blink of an eye - in hindsight ;)

At 10:14 pm, Blogger LL said...

Swaddling worked wonders for Lil'Mooey. I also found the booklet "Settling your baby" really helpful.

At 10:48 am, Anonymous Leoni said...

Ofcourse you are a good mummy! And don't you forget it young lady! ;-)
I think you are doing a fab job, its certainly the most difficult "job" in the world and we mums get very little praise and credit for all the hard work we put in. For what its worth, my house is cluttered, well not cluttered in the true sense, but we have a small 3 bedroom home with each room performing multiple tasks, add 1 toddler that leaves puzzles on the floor + 1 7 year old who leaves teeny tiny Barbie things on the floor + Imara starting to move and you have a recipe for disaster. In this case I cannot put away everything Imara can grab, all I can do is watch her like a hawk and tidy away as much as I can + tell the girls not to leave things lying around. Does this make me a bad mummy, nope! I've only just managed to get it through Annike's 2 yr old brain that chips is NOT a good snack for Imara lol

So go with the flow and trust your "gut" feeling, you'll get there.

At 5:32 pm, Blogger Steff said...

I found the baby whisperer tracy hoggs books absolutly invaluable for settling my girls - I managed to get Analeise to a point now where it only takes me 5 min to settle her - and she is only 8 weeks old - I cannot recomend her higly enough

At 11:37 pm, Anonymous Meg said...

Hi Bugsy!! I just checked in...Congratulations!! Alex is adorable!


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