Sunday, July 29, 2007

technical difficulties - the ticker disappeared - but all is okay.

Where did my ticker go? I think the site that supplies it might be down at the moment. Hopefully it will come back soon.

Everything is okay! Apart from wriggles trying to bust out of the side of my stomach, my fingers swelling up so I cannot have my wedding ring on any more, the circulation in my right arm dwindling to a trickle so I have constant pins and needles. hmm 0h did I mention the need to pee every 20 minutes and how when I laugh of cough i feel like I am going to wet myself? hehe - lots of fun!

I am not sure if I am getting braxton hicks or not - I feel a tightening or like a pressure on my stomach but there is no pain at all. I can usually breathe through it and then all is okay again.

p.s. I have updated the gifts for Wriggles pictures with all the wonderful things I got from my work colleagues and the two bags of stuff the receptionist at work's daughter gave us - they are all incredibly. Wriggles is one spoilt little bubba.

Tomorrow we have the OB appointment again. i am going to be a little forceful and ask for monitoring as I don't want this bubba getting too big and I don't want to find out when the shoulders are trying to come out of me.

The room for wriggles is well, stull occupied by "stuff" - we are a little closer and I have been working hard on getting things done in there - probably too hard - I should be resting more but it just ain't happening.

Tomorrow night we have a VIP grand opening for a restaurant that is opening up near our shop. Could be fun.

ok guys - getting late and I am dead tired. plus I want hubbs to trim my toenails for me (cause I can't see them let alone trim them) and give me a bit of a backrub.

Take care and catch you all soon.

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At 12:02 pm, Anonymous Leoni said...

Hi ya Bugs,

Great to see you "cruising" along, and not long to go now, remember to take it easy coz bubs can come any minute from now on (remember Annike came a day shy on 36 weeks due to my NOT taking it easy lol)

Hope now that you are on Mat leave you get to do some "me" things. Just wizzing past to see how you are going luv, take it easy and will pop in again soon.

At 2:57 pm, Anonymous leni said...

glad to hear all's well....ds came at 35w4 days

not long now awww


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