Sunday, June 03, 2007

Yes - there is more to life than Wriggles hehe

Howdy all - I do hope you are all well. I am blogging from the shop in a quiet moment - yay!

Wriggles has been good - although Friday he/her discovered my bladder and were either constantly sitting on it or kicking it - It took about 2 hours for me to get them to shift to another spot. Luckily that hasn't reoccurred. I love the kicking - omg I love the kicking so much. In fact I am so totally in love with being pregnant. I told hubbs I would happily stay this way forever. (the only thing I do not like is that a girl at work has to mention every single day that I waddle, either that or she imitates me "look I am waddling like bugsy is" - Grrrrrr I am so ready to tell her which cliff she can waddle off).

We have been buying more things - we got the car seat, and a really cool porta cot with a remote control (hubbs said we needed that!) - it has a light, vibration and music via the remote and comes with a inner layer for newborns so they aren't down so low, and a change table that sits over the top. We are thinking it will be good for the shop. I also lashed out today and bought a nappy wrapper type bucket thingy that was on special (although I am not totally convinced of their merit.). I am pretty sure I will be doing a combination of the cloth nappies and disposables. I also bought a 10 piece cot linen set which is awesome and has so much in it. Very cool.

My sister's dog had puppies this week! Puppies! They are German Shep pups and adorable. The poor mummy dog though - she had 16 puppies! It is her first litter and they were expecting maybe 6 to 8 pups - certainly not 16. Unfortunately 3 were stillborn and 2 didn't survive the first night (they were very small and weak). 11 are still going strong though. Mummy dog is struggling with so many and has an infection that is being treated so her milk production stopped. All 11 pups are currently being bottle fed every 2 hours until Mum's milk comes back (which the vet said will happen once the antibiotics kick in). My sister is very very tired but says she loves them all. Aren't they cute!

Mummy dog frets if they are not with her all the time, and she counts them to make sure they are all there. My sister has started giving me "new mother" advice saying things like "you have to sleep when they sleep" etc. I do hope they do well. At least I know everything is being done to try to make sure they thrive. A friend who is also a wildlife carer comes by every day to help with the feedings and they have heat pads to ensure they are warm enough.

I have also been increasing my yarn\books stash. I bought two books I have been longing to get off ebay - yay - so excited I finally have these books.

About time I reckon. I also had to laugh. one of the lovely sellers of this book also sent me a thank you note and I just loved the notepaper it was written on - just check this out:

Does that mean I finally qualify to join this group? hehe just gorgeous.

I also, after being persuaded by Katt, bought some yummy sock wool. Check these out!

So my stash is well and truly enhanced. I just love all the colors in all of these.

I have started knitting a little cardigan for wriggles (since I haven't got the tools I need to start summer's lovely shawl and I never seem to have the time to go get any shopping other than baby or stuff for the shop). In 2 weeks I have cast it on and knitted one row. Pathetic! My life consists of getting up and going to work, leaving work and going to the shop, leaving the shop at 11pm and going home, falling into bed only to repeat the routine the next day. Weekends are spent at the shop and if I am lucky I get to throw the clothes in the washing machine before we leave (or at midnight).

But all is about to change. Today is the last day we will be spending any extended time after hours at the shop. Hubbs and I agreed that we need to get a room sorted out for wriggles, so from tomorrow onwards I am going straight home from work to cook dinner and he is locking up the shop and coming home to start on the baby room. I hope before this bub is born we actually have a place for him\her to sleep and easy access to a change table, clothing and nappies. That would be soooooo good. Let's see what actually happens shall we? I keep reading that we should be enjoying this time together and relaxing, taking long drives, holidays etc while we still can - Ha! unlikely to happen with everything we have going on.

um - have I told you everything I wanted to tell you? Yeah I think so. If I remember more I will post again.

Take care all and have a great weekend (what is left of it). It is back to cleaning shop stuff I go.

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At 7:17 pm, Blogger Drew said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE german shepherds. Those puppies are adorable, all black and so cute!!!! The mother looks great as well, what a beautiful coat.

And hot yarn, momma, hot yarn.

At 5:47 pm, Blogger The Momma / MrsHUGS said...

Hi Bugsy...
Lovely to hear from you...
Glad all is well...

Roll on August...


At 9:14 pm, Anonymous Rachel said...

Hi Bugsy! How are you? I've just looked at your (?) is it called a ticker?? Anyway- the bar at the top which says how far you are along- nearly 27 weeks! WOW! Are you getting excited- crossing days off your calender? You are in the home stretch! Take care.=)
PS- How is Molly?

At 9:18 pm, Anonymous Rachel said...

Just reread it- NEARLY 28 WEEKS! WOW!=)

At 1:44 pm, Blogger Mony said...

I can't wait to waddle.
A widdle waddle.

At 12:18 pm, Anonymous Jac said...

A huge congrats on making it to 28 weeks. That is a huge milestone


At 3:27 pm, Blogger Katt said...

28 weeks!! WOOOOT WOOOOOT!!!

I wuff German Sheperds! My mother use to breed them.

I am an evil wool temptress! Its ok..I have come to live with


At 8:37 pm, Anonymous Leoni said...

HAPPY 28 WEEKS!!! Wooo hooooo :-)
Ooo not long to go now, watch these next 11 weeks fly.
Love the pics of the pups, too cute. Take care and hope you are taking it easy missy!


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