Saturday, May 19, 2007

It is definately going to be one of those days.

Before I start, everything is fine with me and wriggles. Wriggles is moving a fair bit and obligingly usually gives me a kick if I say "haven't felt you for a while, how about a kick?". My clothes are a bit of a struggle to keep fitting into now. I am going to have to start buying some a size bigger or something.

The shop is doing okay. We have started getting more stock in, and got a huge order in last night of pet products, aquarium accessories, etc, and got some water plants in yesterday as well. Our first order of fishies should be in Tuesday! yay. Guppies on Tuesday Steff!

But today the shop is closed. It is very unfortunate but unavoidable. Hubbs is best man at his friends wedding today and whilst I offered to keep the shop open today for him and miss the wedding, the bride asked me to also help out making sure the groom, hubbs, and her two eldest boys (7 and 10) got dressed and were at the wedding by 2:30pm today. So we decided the only thing we could do was close for the day. oh well.

So the shop has kept us busy and I left there at midnight again last night after helping hubbs put away some of this large order we got in. He came home at 4am after telling me he "wouldn't be much longer" and me reminding him he is best man at a wedding the next day and "please don't be much longer as you need to be fresh for tomorrow". Hmmmmm

I woke this morning with the wedding stuff going through my head and thinking "ok I have to make sure the Mums flowers are there and get taken with us, the boys have to have their suits on but have to be fed lunch first. I wonder if they have an iron or should I bring mine...." etc etc.

Then it dawned on me.

We haven't bought them a wedding present!

O. M. G.

So I am currently trying to wake a very sleepy hubbs (well I didn't make him work until 4am did I, knowing full well he was best man at a wedding the next day!), and trying to work out where we can rush out to to get a wedding present. We don't have a lot of time - it is almost 9am already and we both have to get ready for the wedding ourselves and then head over to the grooms, make sure the boys are fed lunch, and start getting them ready too - then make sure I get them to the wedding itself by 2:30.

Holy crap I don't have much time. Why am I blogging instead?

(Probably because Hubbs is unwakable and I have to get my frustration out somehow. I have even resorted to opening up my cupboards and looking to see what I can give them as a wedding present! (nothing remarkable in there that i am willing to part with unfortunately).)

ok better go! Busy day ahead.

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At 10:49 am, Anonymous Rachel said...

Hi Bugsy! How are you? You could always buy the bride and groom a gift later when you arn't so stressed. Gifts arn't usually opened on the wedding day anyway! Hope you have a great day!=)

At 11:33 am, Blogger The Momma / MrsHUGS said...

Hello Bugsy...
Lovely to hear from you...
Glad everything is going well...
I wouldnt worry about a gift either at this point in time, wait and see what they get and then see what else they really need as by the sounds of it you are pretty close to the couple...
I hope the wedding goes wonderfully and that everyone has a good time even yourself...


At 7:06 pm, Blogger Steff said...

I always seem to be las minute shopping for gifts - I am bad that way lol

shall definatly have to peruse your guppy collection soon


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