Friday, April 13, 2007

Did you see the sunset tonight in Melbourne?

The sunset tonight was beautiful. The sun was a huge red\orange ball in the sky - surrounded by orange and red hues that filled the sky - it was quite beautiful. I wish I had a picture of it.

It would have been a better picture than the crappy ones we got today. We had our 20week scan and it was very disappointing. The man doing the scan said that bub was just in a difficult position. Because I carry all my extra weight around my stomach, and bub is right behind that, it was very hard to position around enough to get a good view on anything.

Lucky we didn't want to know bub's gender because I don't think we would have been able to find it out anyway.

We did find out that bubs is measuring right on size for dates which is good. Arm and leg bones are perfect too for dates, and heart is fine. Head size is good too. But we couldn't see much else.

It was very sad. Mum in law came and she said she couldn't work out much of what was what - neither could we so she was in good company.

He said we could come back in a few weeks and see whether bubs was in a better position by then - also being a little bigger it might be easier to see everything. We even tried an internal scan and although I got some fleeting images of bub's face, we couldn't see much past bub's head.

Bubs is head down by the looks of it. He did say that he didn't see anything that would make him suspect there were any problems. So that was good.

This was the only pic we got:That's the head on the right. Body and arms and legs on the left I think.

I have thought about doing another scan but this one cost $250 - Can we really justify spending that again if there is no suspicion anything is wrong? Not sure.

In other news I had my diabetes checkup today and he said we are going pretty well. He upped my insulin units from 12 a day to 16 a day - not a big jump but hopefully will help. I have good and bad days but that is apparently the way it goes with diabetes. The more your pregnancy progresses the more you have to increase your insulin to cope.

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At 12:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still think it is a great photo, Bugsy! What great news - so much positive stuff on the blogs at the moment. It is a time for great joy. Well done and keep up the good work!
Jane XO

At 12:11 am, Anonymous Leoni said...

OOoooooo you are back!! Have been stalking you BLOG all day lol
Greatnews Bugs, I am soooo happy for you. :-)
Don't be too dissapointed in your scan pics, ours weren't any better. Big blobs of black/grey and white, I could hardly make out the head, let alone anything else. If you really want good pics of bubs then have a 3D scan done at around 30 weeks when bubs is chubbier. They are exxy, but worth every penny, and awsome.

Big hugs to you hun,

At 4:32 am, Blogger Mother Hoodwink said...

What a beautiful baby!

I wouldn't worry about it. There are very few ultrasounds I have seen that are perfectly clear. Do you have 4-D ultrasounds available? My doctor doesn't do them for free although I know some do. If you have to pay for another scan, you might as well pay for the 4-d and get a really good picture. Pretty much what Leoni said.

At 9:55 am, Blogger vixanne wigg said...

Ack! You scared me!!!! I don't like to read the word "disappointing" and "ultrasound" in the same post.

I'm glad that everything is okay. I can certainly understand how that would be a bummer. I would totally spend the money on the extra scan--justifiable or not. Hell, you went through enough to get here!

Yeah for 20 weeks!

At 10:56 am, Anonymous Rachel said...

20 weeks Bugsy!! Halfway!!! Congrats on reaching such a huge milestone!!! Have you started knitting lots of tiny baby things?? Take care

At 7:34 am, Blogger Ova Girl said...

Congrats on the halfway mark Bugsy, great news and a beautiful scan. Looks to me like the baby had his/her left arm up to side of head, if we are looking at back of head?

At 6:01 pm, Blogger Katt said...

21 weeks tomorrow!! 21 is my fave number (nothing to do with being pregnant..just always has been)

Glad to hear that all is good from the scan! Butter about it being a daft scan though.

Over half way now! Excellent!



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