Monday, March 05, 2007

14 week Ob appointment.

Thanks guys - Well we didn't get the cradle. They had sold out - Oh well, plenty of time.

We had another OB appointment today - all is going really well. We did a mini scan in her room (no picture because her equipment isn't that good) and for a second I was terrified as bubs was laying very very still. Then I saw the heartbeat and I felt a lot better.

Wriggles (hubs decided Wriggles rather than wiggles (go figure)) was laying on his/her back with his/her thumb well and truly in his/her mouth. But Wriggles was so still. Doc knew what I am like and said "you won't be really happy until you see movement will you?" then she nudged my belly a little and woke Wriggles up and he/she had a little tantrum and waved arms madly about. I think he/she must take after Hubbs - I definately think so now that I have seen that tantrum. What am I in for?

Hubbs was with me and he was sooo excited. We both gazed upon this amazing little person that was made out of both of us. He was the first one to spot the thumb sucking and he laughed when he saw the tantrum. We both had big smiles and tears when we were leaving.

Doc is so lovely. I asked her whether we had a reasonable chance now that we have reached this far and she said "I wouldn't say reasonable, I would say fantastic!". hehe.

When we made another appointment she said " another month? Will you be able to cope waiting that long?" - I know she would see me in a heartbeat if I was uncertain and needed reassurrance. I am sooooo very glad we chose her.

On the weekend I went to a kitchen tea and got handed a 4 month old baby girl. She was adorable but I felt entirely lost. I had no idea what to do with this wriggling bundle I had been handed. It freaked me out. How on earth am I going to cope with a baby?

For so long I have lived with the fear I would never have a baby. Now it appears I just might have one and my fear has changed to "Am I going to be a good mother?" I am a bit scared about whether I am going to be able to cope.

Time will tell I guess - hope you are ready to answer all my questions. lol I am sure there will be a lot of them.

ok - better go finish the pantry - I am cleaning it out and onto the last shelf. Bye for now.

Lesley - you are a star hun - thank you so much for returning from the abyss.

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At 3:32 pm, Anonymous Lucy said...

You know what you'll do with a newborn baby? You'll figure it out. It'll be fun and terrifying and exciting and scary, all at the same time. And you'll love every minute of it. :) So glad that Wriggles is doing well. Hope you are floating along on cloud 9 right now and can enjoy your pregnancy! It's a special time for you and the baby.

At 5:15 pm, Blogger Shawnee said...

I am glad you got to see him/her throw a tantrum... Just wait till he/she is actually out and throws a tantrum!

Don't worry about being a good mom, I am sure you will be.

At 6:19 pm, Blogger Katt said...

everyone has the fears on not knowing what to do...But I will tell you this..there is a HUGE difference between a newborn and a 4mth old!!! For one thing newborns dont really wiggle as much as a 4mth old...

You will be a fine mum hun! Dont you worry about that...amazed my kids havent run away to live with you yet ;-)

Tantrums already? wait til its 2!!! lol


At 7:35 am, Blogger The Momma / MrsHUGS said...

Good Morning Bugsy...

Hi "Wriggles" glad to see that you are happy were you are at present about 25 weeks to go... Then we will all get to meet you... YAY...

Bugsy you will be a great mum, you have to keep thinking positive thoughts...

See you in September... Woo Hoo...


At 6:19 pm, Blogger Drew said...

That is wonderful news Hon!
Yeah from now on your obs appointments will be monthly. That is too long to wait in between appointments, but it is also a good sign - it means you are WELL AND TRULLY pregnant and everything is textbook normal!!! Yeah!!!!! Everything sounds great and hope you take care of yourself!

At 2:22 pm, Blogger Em said...

So thrilled for you girl!

At 9:06 am, Blogger Katt said...

ooooooooh!!! you have now made it to 15 weeks!!!! YAY



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