Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Am I crying wolf this time?

I tell you - it is very very lucky that I have you guys, cause I think my family doesn't really give a rats about me.

After the scan on Monday I called my sister. She had forgotten about the scan. I reminded her and she asked how it went. When I told her she said "wow that is fantastic.........Did I tell you how cute Max (the rescue puppy) is at the moment?" I guess she thought that was all she needed to say and that it was time to change the subject.

So tonight I rang my brothers. S said "that is great news congratulations.......i don't really have any news to tell you- things are much the same here" - again conversation over. I was a little down so I called my other brother P.

P said "ohh ok. Well we will cross our fingers it all works out for you" (definately in a "I will believe it when I see it" tone ). I guess I am not too surprised. They have heard us say three times before that we were pregnant only for us to miscarry. Why should this pregnancy be any different?

So I called my niece\nephew\niece (the three of them share a house). My younger niece answers and she was soooo excited for us that it made up for all the rest. It was genuine excitement and I thank her so much for it - I really needed that. Then my nephew got on the phone and he was the same - very excited to be having a new cousin!. (my other niece is on a cruise at the moment - coming home in a week for one day before heading off to Bali - ohh the life of a travel agent).

Why can't they just be happy for us? Why do they have to make me feel like I am crying wolf again? Why does infertility have to affect all my family, instead of just affecting Hubbs and I?

In other news - my diet just isn't cutting it with the diabetes, despite my perfect eating regime. I started 12 units of insulin last night with dinner. Oh well - whatever it takes for us to have a healthy baby. Whatever it takes.

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At 12:54 am, Blogger Drew said...

I am sorry to hear that your family are a little less than supportive for you Bugsy. It sucks! Your baby is such an incredible gift - so I can empathise with your disapointment.

Oh yeah, my pregnancy also changed my insulin levels dramatically. I used to burn sugar very fast - which makes me hypoglycaemic. But these days sugar burns a bit slower, so it seems to `even me out' a bit. Take care of yourself and hope the jabs don't hurt too much!

At 2:52 am, Blogger Heather said...

I know you want your family to be happy, I understand that...but I am happy for you!!!

The internets are happy for you!

At 11:40 am, Blogger Katt said...

I know your upset because your family is the S#!ts...Hopefully they will be estatic by the time buggy butt comes home.

As they say you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose... but you cant pick your friends wait wrong one! Hope I made you laugh ;-)


At 12:40 pm, Blogger Kris said...

I'm sorry to hear about the insulin... but you're an old pro at needles by now, aren't you?

I'm sorry you aren't getting the excitment you deserve from your family. But we all are very excited for you!

At 1:04 pm, Anonymous Leoni said...

Hi Bugs,

It sux that your family IRL can't be excited for you, but please know your cyber family is VERY excited for you and hubby. I have the fullest confidence that you can make it through the next couple of months and give birth to a healthy gorgeous baby. Bring on the second trimester I say and lets look forward to the birth of baby bugs. hopefully the other smucks in your family will get more excited for you as the months roll on.
Big {{HUGS}} to you,

At 2:20 pm, Blogger Soie Belle said...

I was reading older posts and really felt for you. Congrats on the pregnancy! How exciting!

At 5:36 am, Blogger Hoping said...

How awful a feeling to talk to your family members that respond like that.
I think it is the most wonderful thing and I am so happy for you.

Keep your head up girl.


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