Monday, February 05, 2007

Back from the OB

5 years of trying,

3 miscarriages,

many years of sadness

lots of pain.

But today we saw something we have never seen before

We saw wiggling feet.

We saw waving hands

We saw bubs roll over.

Doc was fantastic. She is so lovely. The only scan machine she has is the one on the top of the tummy, and so we didn't get a great picture. Before we started she said "now if we can't see bubs it doesn't mean bubs is not there - it just means we can't get close enough with the tummy scan to see it" (because of the fat I am sporting there) and I started to cry a little - the strain of it all getting to me.

She immediately took both her hands and framed my face and said "I am sure everything is going to be okay. I will do my best to show you your baby".

We couldn't get a really great picture but she said the gestational sac size was good. Then I saw the wiggling and I said "is that wiggling?" and she said "well spotted - yes that looks like feet".

10 more minutes of manauevering around showed us waving hands, a head, and a flickering heartbeat, but her equipment can't determine heart rate. She was happy with it all and said everything looked really good to her.

My blood pressure was a little elevated but only just borderline high. I think we know why that is!

So now we have some blood tests to get organised, and the 12 week scan in 2 weeks exactly.

Thank you all so much for sticking by me. Thank you for all your comments and help. It means the world to me.

Nook - I still wear my rose quartz bracelet every single day - i still love it.

Manuela - thank you so much for your words. I know exactly what you mean. Because I know Leeanne didn't mean it the way it sounded I didn't take offence. She hasn't been through what we have been through, but she never meant any harm. I also understand though that I could easily have taken that the wrong way and blamed myself if something had gone wrong, but you know, I will always blame myself anyway, no matter what.

It is so hard this infertility business - and I know I have said things in the past that I am sure would have upset people.

I will try not to worry from now on. Perhaps now I can go to the 12 week scan actually looking forward to it.

p.s. tomorrow would have been Jaydens EDD. So it is definately an emotional time for everything at the moment.

Thank god today went the way it did.

Mummy loves you little bub.



At 3:52 pm, Anonymous jac said...

That is the best news ever Bugsy. Hopefully now you can start to relax a little. This little one is a fighter and meant to be.


At 4:02 pm, Blogger Katt said...

YAY YAY YAY!!! GOOOO you good little Buggy Butt!!!

Its a sign hun..Your dad is looking over you and this one..I tells ya...

Congrats that all is well..We are so happy for you!!



At 4:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bugsy

Fantastic news. I can imagine the sheer sense of relief you must have had.

Absolutely thrilled for you all, I nearly cried when i read that all is fine. I know exactly what those scans are like.

Enjoy the journey
kbear (EB)

At 4:23 pm, Blogger Steff said...

woop woop woop - that is so wonderful :D Only 2 more weeks and you can breath a small sigh of relief 1st trimester over - only about 8 more weeks and everyso often you will feel that very reasuring kick kick every now and again.
I am so happy for you

At 4:25 pm, Anonymous Leoni said...

Hi hun,

I am soooooo happy the scan went well today. I was having coffee with my mum today and said to her "My friend Bugsy is having her scan today, I am so nervous for her", and I was, not because I felt things would go bad but because I know how agonising those scans can be.

I won't say "don't stress" coz I know you will, its normal. You'll stress at every scan and right till you have your baby in your arms. Here's wishing you a boring and uneventful pregnancy with lots of sticky vibes. Also {{hugs}} for tomorrow in remembering Jayden's EDD, I feel for you hun.


PS: Thank you for mentioning Imara in your Blog, that was sweet of you

At 4:27 pm, Blogger The Momma / MrsHUGS said...

Woo Hoo...
Sending extra positive thoughts your way to hopefully get rid of those negative ones...
Love you Both...

At 4:52 pm, Blogger Mrs_Pants said...

Truly joyous news Bugsy! Congratulations on those flailing limbs.

At 5:50 pm, Blogger three minute palaver said...

I am seriously JUMPING FOR JOY that you had fabulous news and saw your bub wriggling and waving. That is music to my ears. I really want this to work out for you and it IS. and that's fantastic. Way to go Bugsy :)

At 6:13 pm, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

So glad to hear your wonderful news.
I am very happy for all 3 of you.
Take care sweets.

At 7:27 pm, Blogger Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

I'm so happy for you. Seeing your little bean dancing in utero is the most beautiful sight ... only surpassed by seeing your little bean dancing in your arms. You will be there soon enough.

Regarding the sore boobs - oy - that isn't something I'd miss. My soreness was on hiatus for a few weeks but has returned with VENGEANCE at about 17 weeks (I'm almost 20, now). It is nearly impossible to sleep at night ... and rolling over? Forget about it!!!

Stay well!

At 11:22 pm, Blogger Songbird said...

Lovely news!

At 12:27 am, Anonymous Jessica said...

That's wonderful news! :)

At 1:56 am, Blogger Mother Hoodwink said...

I know you must be ecstatic. I am for you. I hope this confirmation allows you to relax a little bit. I'm so happy for you Bugsy!

At 6:29 am, Blogger Manuela said...

What wonderful news.

And, um... sorry I freaked so loudly. I... erm... get a little protective of my infertile comrades in arms, you know.

At 8:44 am, Blogger Summer said...

What lovely, lovely news! I hope all the rest of your scans go just as well.

At 10:54 am, Blogger Panda said...

Wiggling feet are the best sounding words ever!

So very very happy for you, Bugs. Woot!

At 11:37 am, Blogger Kris said...

I am SO SO happy for you. That must've been an awesome sight!

At 12:39 pm, Anonymous Lucie said...

I am so so so happy for you Bugsy, what wonderful news! I'll bet it was the most incredible sight! I am grinning from ear to ear from such fantastic news!

Thinking of you today on Jayden's EDD. Big hugs to you and Hubbs.

At 10:13 pm, Blogger Meg said...

Bugsy - congratulations on your ultrasound.

I am so happy for you. And what a beautiful tribute to your little one.

Love Meg x

At 5:45 am, Anonymous MichelleL said...

Great news! Glad to hear all is looking good and wiggly.

Hang in there with the upcoming emotional days. Thinking of you.

At 10:42 am, Blogger Anita said...

sVery rarely will I shed a tear on cyberspace but today I have cried a million tears of happiness! Congratulations Bugsy....thinking of you.

Hugs to you and your little one.


At 3:33 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

Wish I had of been here the earlier so I could have been the first to congratulate you on the wonderful ultra-sound results. Congrats Bugsy and many hugs coming your way.
Luv Lesley


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