Monday, January 29, 2007

news and arrivals

Monday again? how did that happen?

It was a lovely weekend- a long weekend with Friday being a public holiday - Australia Day.

We headed off to my sister's on Friday and stayed the night - came home Saturday night.

It is very peaceful there. I fed Bessie the cow and gave her an extra cuddle and told her how sorry I am that she lost her calf. I told her how I understand how she feels - the poor darling is still bellowing for her calf, hoping to find him hiding behind a tree or something.

We also had plenty of visits from the 2 birds that have been released on the property after they went through rehab. These were rescue birds - a mudlark named "Muddy" and a rosella named "Rosie" - very creative names don't you think?

Although they have been released and hang out with other birds (Muddy more so than Rosie), they both come back to the house daily for a scratch, some tucker and someone to sit on. They fly in from seemingly nowhere, and land either on the table or on you - whichever they decide at the time. Very cute.

They are slowly being weaned off the extra tucker (food), and it is hoped they will seek human companionship less and less and stick to their own feathered kind. Muddy has a girlfriend but she keeps her distance.

We went looking at curtain material, shopped in the local shops, walked the dogs, watched the shoreline from the back paddock, and collected crickets to bring home to feed our frogs.

In town I checked out the local yarn shop and saw a lovely sight. A grandma was there with her granddaughter of about 8. They were buying a pair of knitting needles and 1 ball of yarn and they were going home so grandma could teach the little girl to knit. She was so excited. I hope it is the beginning of a lifetime of knitting, the beginning of a stash obsession, a lifelong passion with yarn.

All the walking did me no good at all. I came home Saturday with very swollen ankles and had to elevate them for ages. They are definately better today. I hope this is not the pattern of this pregnancy.

Speaking of - things are still going well, as far as I can tell. My boobs are still incredibly sore, I am as tired as I have ever been in my life and I have some sort of nausea every day. Sunday was the worst. I nearly gave in and threw up on Sunday, but managed to quell the feeling. I am loving it.

1 week today until I see the Obstetrician. I can't wait. (but I am going to have to!)

Seepi - thank you sooooo much for the lovely card and 4 leaf clover that arrived in the mail today - it is a beautiful gesture, and this baby is very lucky to have their very own 4 leaf clover, that I know will keep us both safe. Thank you!

Katt - I hope you are feeling better - you poor pet.

Thalia - Wow - what a holiday souvenir! congratulations!

A huge welcome to the world, little Imara Ruth - born to Leoni who comments on my blog at times. She doesn't have a blog but we keep in touch via email and msn. Imara Ruth is a sister to 2 other little girls - Anya and Annike - Don't they all have beautiful names? Well it matches them all cause they are all beautiful. Congratulations Leoni and Sanjit on your lovely new little girl.

Another arrival tonight - my sister just called to say that one of her chicken's eggs had hatched. She has three broody chooks, and about another 10 eggs to hatch. yay. It appears I am an auntie again.

That is all my brain can remember right now. Take care all.



At 3:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your sister's place sounds great, its always nice to get out of the city!
Wonderful news to hear that you're feeling sick and tired - sounds odd, but you know what I mean!! I look forward to your next peep-in at the little one!

At 10:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's good to read that you had a relaxing Australia Day.

Stay well and look after yourself and the little one.


At 3:58 pm, Blogger Katt said...

I am so glad to hear you are feeling so unwell!! lol..that looks bad!

Looking forward very much to next Monday...



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