Wednesday, January 17, 2007

an update on all things good.

I am doing fine. I went and had another blood test today for no other reason than I am totally paranoid. The clinic is humouring me and letting me do as many tests as I want (and charging me $63 each time too).

My HCG has gone up in just over a week from 13700 to 32200.

I thought that was a bit low, but my nurse assures me that this is perfect for this stage of pregnancy.

The morning sickness has been perfect. While not nauseous, I have totally lost my appetite and different smells have my stomach turning. I look at food and think "I couldn't possibly eat that or I would be sick". So all in all I think if you are going to get morning sickness then that is probably the best type to have.

My IVF doctor called me yesterday and said he was happy with all my results and my scan, and is ready to pass me off to an obstetrician. He recommended some good ones. I called them and every one of them is totally booked out and cannot see me.

They however, all recommended someone else that they have heard has some openings, so after researching her and discovering that she is one of the leading obs in Australia; specialises in high risk pregnancies; has been practicing for a long time; is a director of the OB society of Australia and runs the maternal\fetal unit at Monash hospital, I gave her a call, and Yes, she is happy to take me on. (she is also one of the most expensive at $3000 (medicare should give me about 80% back though).

I think that I am very lucky to have gotten in. Baby Bugs is going to be well looked after.

Last night was extremely hot! To make matters worse, bushfires cut the main power grid to Victoria yesterday so we were without power at home. No air con, no nothing. To make matters worse, I come home via a major road and every single traffic light was out. Nobody was directing traffic and I felt like I was taking my life in my own hands crossing major intersections. I then came home from work safely to discover our fish* were gasping for air. Not only that but water was running out under the door and down the driveway! Argghh - not a good thing to happen.

So I rushed in and discovered a hose connection had broken in our fishroom and water was cascading like a waterfall from the top of the fishroom wall down to the concrete garage floor. I turned off the mains water and Hubbs fixed the problem when he got home. I just hope it hadn't been happening for too long as we are on stage 3 water restrictions here due to the drought and they are going to start punishing high water users by crimping their water output to a trickle (and we call ourselves an advanced society!).

Power was restored a few hours later. Hubbs fixed the fishroom up, and all the fishies are happy as larry today.

Very different from the night I envisaged. All I wanted to do was come home and lay down for a nana nap and instead I was running around trying to stop waterfalls and stressing about no power.

Oh and the boy girl prediction? Felicity - I have been told by two others that this is a boy. I have a strong feeling though that this is a girl. I had a strong feeling last time we were having a boy and I was right then. So time will tell (because we are not finding out before he/she is born). I would love to hear all your guesses, but we will have to wait a while before we all find out for sure - hehe

* for those of you who didn't know, we breed tropical fish and have about 50 tanks worth in our fishroom, located in our garage.



At 8:08 pm, Blogger Tuppence said...

Hi i also predict a BOY going by the old wives tale of the heartbeat under 140 i think its a boy ??? for me i have always had over 150 and i have always had GIRLS.

Good luck

At 8:26 pm, Blogger three minute palaver said...

I think you'll have a girl. and I think I'm having a girl too. My Ob is great. She delivered my DD and my stillborn son and a miscarrigae in 99 and did my cervical Op. She copes with my high-risk issues really, really well. I LOVE her. She saved my DD. If you want her details, email me. I simply cannot recommed her highly enough. She's in Carlton. Goodluck with the Ob you've booked in with. She sounds very well qualified. and those are some great beat numbers girlfriend:)

At 10:31 pm, Anonymous Rachel said...

Hi Bugsy- I'm glad things are going well for you! Sounds like you experienced what we did here in Camberwell- no power including traffic lights!! All the shops shut early and our plans to go to the movies didn't happen! We had police directing cars near the junction but they wern't directing passengers trying to cross the roads! LOL! I'm glad it's over! Makes us realise how much we rely on power without thinkig about it doesn't it?!:) Take care.

At 12:27 pm, Blogger Katt said...

I am leaning for a girl...But we will have to wait and see..We were right with both our two..

Glad to hear you are going ok hun.

Have seen you get online of late but Adam has had the puter and I have been knitting/melting like a good girl ;)


At 8:40 am, Blogger The Momma / MrsHUGS said...

Hello Bugsy...
Only the very best will do for our Baby Bugsy...
At present I am not swaying to either a boy or girl, just a happy healthy baby is all I am focusing on at the end...

Woo Hoo I am so excited, Mel and I went shopping yesterday and I was so tempted to buy some bits for Baby Bugsy but I held off cause I dont know what you have or need... hehehe...

Thinking of you heaps...


At 1:27 pm, Anonymous Foofie said...

Long time no see. I heard elsewhere that you were about and the wonderful news! :D I am so chuffed for you! Here's to a sticker m'dear and now that I have your blog page, I shall be lurking for updates!

Much love,



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