Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy non sugary Valentines Day to all.

Thanks guys,

I am doing okay. I managed to get into a Gestational Diabetes (GD) group session and learnt all about dietry requirements and exercise, and how to use the glucose blood meter. So I am an expert now lol. I started monitoring my own blood yesterday and so far it hasn't been too bad. Last night was bad and strangely enough it was bad first thing this morning. Then I got a really bad reading and thought that was bizarre because I had been eating so very well. So I recalibrated the machine and did another test and it was really low. I wonder how accurate these readings really are.

Oh and I was taking metformin. I was told to stop it when I got pregnant, and I very happily did. It is an evil evil drug to me. I never got any of the benefits - I never had any of the weight loss or anything with it. All I got was crippling stomach pains and the worst diarreah, I have never felt so ill as when I took metformin, so I was very happy to see the end of it. The OB agreed that it was best I stopped it too, so I am not too worried about it.

I did take metformin throughout my last two pregnancies and both ended in miscarriage, so I don't think it did that much for me. I am glad it has worked for others though.

Happy Valentines day to you all. Hubbs and I agreed just to do cards and have a nice dinner, but he went and bought me roses and a cushion with a teddy bear on it that says "I love you Beary much". I cooked a nice dinner (I think) that also fitted into the GD guidelines.

I cooked a nice piece of roast beef, just a small piece of just over 1kg, pasta in the shape of hearts, and some steamed veggies (that i mixed into the pasta). It was delicious. No sauces, no bad stuff. Plain and simple but yummy.

I had better go. I am so tired I can hardly type. Unfortunately I have to stay up for another 1.25 hours to do my last glucose test for the day. Might have to have a snooze and get Hubbs to wake me in time.

Night all.

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At 9:09 pm, Blogger Katt said...

Happy Valentine's Day my dear! Glad hubs spoilt you with a little extra.

Dinner sounded lovely. Mine was boring and without Adam since he is working.

Take care of yourself and have a good nanna nap until you have to do your test..


At 2:48 pm, Blogger Drew said...

Awww....your hubbs is so sweet. That sounds like a very sugary sweet valentine's day (metaphorically speaking my dear!). :)

We had a quiet one too. I reckon you can have an equally lovely day with the simpliest things in life, without the overspending and gifts etc.

At 9:42 am, Anonymous Leoni said...

Hi Bugsy,

"Happy" 12 weeks hun, how are you feeling today? When is your next scan? Just popping in to check on you.......



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