Friday, February 09, 2007

big changes

Big stuff happening. I can't talk about it yet until all the papers are signed but very big stuff happening. This will change our lives forever (hopefully for the better).

In other news, 11 weeks today!!! omg 11 weeks.

I have been well except I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday and struggled to do anything, sitting or standing, everything hurt. Eventually I went to bed and had the electric blanket on and the heat really helped. I feel much better today.

On Wednesday I went and did my 10 week blood tests and a glucose tolerance test. I have done this once before but not when pregnant. To do the test you have to fast for 12 hours, then you go into the clinic and they do a blood test, then you drink this very sweet glucose drink (rather like green cordial, only just a touch watered down and fizzy) and then you have to wait an hour, then do another blood test, then wait another hour and do yet another blood test.

I read 1/3 of the Shapelle Corby book while I was waiting. The glucose drink made me so nauseous that I really struggled to keep it down but I managed because the nurse threatened me by saying that if I throw up, she would have to cancel the test and I would have to come back another day and do it again.

Tomorrow I am going to have my right hand ultrasounded (is that a word?), as I have had some swelling in the fingers, and my doc wants to check out what it is.

I hope everyone is well. I hope to get around to reading and commenting on blogs this weekend. Very far behind.

Take care all

p.s. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on Jayden's post. I appreciate it more than I could ever say. Thank you.


At 11:28 pm, Anonymous Jessica said...

11 weeks! That's so exciting! This first trimester is almost over for you...

I had to do a 5 hour glucose tolerance test once. My doc was testing if I was hypoglycemic. That was the worst day of my life, I think. I was so sick by the time I got out of there! I know I'll have to do it again soon, but at least it won't be for 5 hours!

At 3:04 pm, Blogger Katt said...

So when do you get the results back from the ultrasound and the blood test? I hope all is good.

I hope you back is a lot better today too. You poor thing.

11 weeks is good! Not long before I can cast something on for buggy butt! YAY...

I am being a good little woman and have almost finished Valentine Sock number 1..Just one to go and only 3 days (and today) to get it done in! YOINKS.


At 3:35 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

Its all good hon! I am so excited for you. I do hope your back is better though. I know all about back pain, wish I did not..
Sorry I couldn't get here any earlier but I know you understand. Huggles and much love to you..

At 8:53 am, Blogger The Momma / MrsHUGS said...

Hi Bugsy...
mmm... Cant wait to hear the big news
OMG wow 11 weeks, I hope you are enjoying this pg because it will be over before you know it...
OUCH about the back... Dont make the electric blanket too hot... You may have to do another glucose test later in your pg...
Take care... XXX


At 9:44 am, Blogger three minute palaver said...

YES, can't wait to hear your big news and congrats on being 11 weeks ~thats awesome.

At 5:01 pm, Blogger Rodders said...

Hey Bugsy, I finally got the hang of adding your blog link to mine, and added a new post to my blog!
Hope you're having a good weekend!

At 7:32 pm, Blogger Shellandjosh said...

Bugsy you have no idea how how happy I am to read this oh my gosh 11 weeks. little waves little feet oh hun this is grat

cant wait to read more good news

the charm for Jayden ius perfect

shell mike and josh

At 9:35 am, Blogger Bumble said...

Yay!! Congrats on 11 weeks Bugsy, thats great. And ooooh, you've got me wondering now about the big news... I can't handle the carrot being dangled in front of me! I'm sooo impatient and nosey!!

At 1:36 pm, Blogger Robin said...

11 weeks is so exciting! I hope your back feels better soon. I hate the glucose tolerance test!!!

Can't wait to hear your exciting news....


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