Saturday, May 05, 2007

Just for the kicks of it

Thank you all for your well wishes on our new venture. We open the doors tomorrow for the first time (I never knew how much paperwork it was to get everything in place so you could legally trade!) We have been working so hard on it. cleaning, changing things etc - last night we were there until 1:30am hoping to get ourselves into a position to start trading today but at 1:30am we called it quits for the night. Today we were so exhausted, we didn't get everything finished until about 3pm and decided that tomorrow was a great day to have our first business day. We should be getting some new stock in shortly too - Steff - How funny that you know our shop! Hubbs said you are welcome any time! Clare - you will be more than welcome if you do come visit (but during the week I will be at my main job - weekends I will likely be at the shop though)

Hubbs had to go to his best friend's bucks night tonight, so we couldn't work back late tonight. (I dropped him off a little while ago with a "don't forget about your wife and child" (since I know there will be 2 strippers there tonight - ohh and before you ask why 2 strippers and not 1 - I asked that question and found out with 2 strippers there is all that girl on girl action! I had no idea. go figure).)

Anyhow I dropped hubbs off, went to the supermarket and came home and made hokkien noodles with pork and veggies in a chinese bbq sauce and finished off with fresh pineapple chunks for dessert (chopped up from half a pineapple by yours truly) - yummmo

23 weeks! Yay Katt - I got this far. Today wriggles was kicking up a storm. He/She was kicking so much I could feel it by touching my stomach. I called hubbs over and he put his hand on my stomach too - and got 2 good kicks out of it - I was soooo excited that he got to share this incredible experience. You should have seen the smile on his face too (and look of astonishment at what he actually felt) when he felt those kicks. hehe. You would have thought we had just discovered Gold up my nose or something.

I absolutely love being pregnant. I love everything about it. I even rejoice in the constipation, the stretch marks and the pelvis that separates and hurts if I walk too much.

Every second of every day I am amazed and excited at the feeling of this baby growing inside me. The kicks get stronger every day and I love the changes I am seeing. Like when I play classical music I get nothing, yet if I put on rock or heavy metal - I get kicks galore. If I stop the music, the kicks stop. If I play a slow song, the kicks stop but if I play one that has a really strong beat the kicks start up again. It is so incredible. I am trying so hard not to take any of it for granted, and not to forget any of the feelings and experiences. I have even taken to shortening Wriggles name to just "rigs" lol.

4 doors down from the shop is the most incredible pizza place I have ever had the privlege to eat from. Wriggles loves pizza. The mere mention of the word has wriggles kicking up a storm. One bite of this heavenly delight and wriggles is in wriggling nirvana. I have tried to limit my intake though - it was getting beyond a joke after we had eaten our third pizza in three days!

3 doors down from the shop is a lovely cafe - The owners wife is there most days - except when she is working. She is a midwife and I love chatting to her - she is so lovely. She thinks, with my diabetes, that this bub will be born around mid August. I am in two minds about wanting that to come true. My Dad died on the 15th August (D - I know that is your birthday too!). I think however, I would prefer bubs being born on that date than a day or so before or after. I am struggling however with what it would mean if bubs was a boy and born on the day his grandfather died (16 years later). Hubbs is more fatalistic about all this - he said "wriggles will be born when he or she is born".

Ok better finish this drivel that has probably totally bored you all to tears and go put my feet up while I can. My ankles are a little swollen today and I have had them raised at the shop most of the day, while hubbs worked hard. I have to stay up until I get the call to go pick hubbs up from this bucks night, so plan on just sitting back on the couch with my feet up until I get that call. (of course I should be putting washing away, doing the dishes and 10 million other things but my feet come first!).

night all. - blessings to you all.

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At 12:24 pm, Blogger The Momma / MrsHUGS said...

Hi Bugsy...

I hope Hubby didnt get home too late and that he wasnt in a state...
I also hope your first day of trading was a good one...
We are coming to Melbourne for a visit from the 10th - 14th August...
Maybe I might need to plan a hospital visit in there somewhere... hehehe...
Not sure if I want to see you with bubs in your tummy ( so I can feel it in there ) or you holding one so I can get a hold too... hehehe... I know I will be happy either way...

Take care...


At 12:28 pm, Blogger Steff said...

I shall definatly be popping in to get a fish from you some time - I need a new guppy - one of mine has disapeared (nasty angel fish lol)

At 1:17 pm, Blogger Evil Stepmonster said...

Hi Bugsy

Congrats on the big retail adventure!

I'm so pleased that you are enjoying your pregnancy so much now. Lucky you!

At 4:38 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

Congrats on the opening of your new shop hon. I am so excited to hear about all the baby kicks and how your blooming. I don't ever think you would take being pregnant for granted. I am so happy uoir past all of those "days" and that your now relaxed a little about everything going smoothly, well as smooth as any pregnancy can go anyway.
Luv ya,
Take care and stay safe.
Hugs, Lesley

At 5:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not that we ARE at all bored-but you know wejust love to hear that everything is going OK, no matter what else you write about. It is SO good to hear you talk about enjoying your pregnancy-you sound the happiest since I've "met" you, which is just so awesome. 2nd trimester is certainly the best-especially after the first-and you've had so many firsts to get here!
Make sure that with feeling better and all the excitement that you don't over do it-I think that pizza sounds like a huge challenge-after all, it's really NOt yuour feet that come first, it's "rigs"( I'm just shaking my head over that one!)
Whatever date he/she "rocks up" is sure to be bitter/sweet for you regardless, but he/she will bring so much healing to you-I can already hear it happening!!
Love ya!
Coz Loz

At 9:00 pm, Anonymous Leoni said...

Hi hun,

Firstly happy 24 weeks :-) yeee ha! Wow, how quickly time is flying by! Secondly, a huge congrats to owning your own business, wow what a lovely challenge. I had a look at your website, very well put together I must say, and I do like the name of your shop, its catchy and easy to remember lol

Hope all went well on your 1st trading day and you are NOT over doing things. Oh and stay away from that pizza shop, its baaaaaaaaad for you lol

Anyway, must fly, just popping in to see if you had anymore updates, but me thinks you are way to busy for updates ;-)

Take care luv and have a great weekend.

At 10:44 am, Blogger Katt said...

Happy Mothers Day my dear!!!

Enjoy your special day..I hope its full of crazy dance kicking from Buggy Butt



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