Thursday, June 28, 2007

In love with a bump

I am such a happy mumma. Just came back from an OB appointment and everything is absolutely perfect. Wriggles is perfect for size, very active, great heartbeat and lying in a perfect position - head down, back on my right, arms and feet on my left. Let's hope he/she stays that way. I am getting bigger and loving every second still. I never knew I could love a child this much. I never knew that I would adore being pregnant the way I do. I will be 31 weeks tomorrow and I love every single second. It is by far the most amazing experience I have ever had and I don't have much time left to wallow in it. I hope sometime in the future wriggles reads this and understands that even when Mummy yells, even when Mummy says "get out of my sight, I don't want to be seeing you right now" that Mummy loved them with every cell in her body, before they were even born. I have mild swelling on my fingers which means I had to remove my wedding ring, but that isn't too bad and my ankles are doing fine. I also have a little bit of pelvic pain but that is all to be expected.

We talk to wriggles a lot. We have developed a bedtime routine where Hubbs comes and lays his hands on my belly and talks to wriggles and wriggles kicks him in response and we have these stupid grins on our faces at every kick. We have discovered that if we are quiet, Wriggles stops kicking but if we are noisy, wriggles kicks a lot. It is cheap amusement.

We have started playing different music to wriggles. Last week I spent the whole week listening to classical music on the ABC - wriggles kicked heaps, whether that was to say they loved it or "get that crap off and give me some good old rock" I don't really know. But I will be forcing lots of things at wriggles just so they get to experience everything and make up their own mind. It is what my Dad did for me and I really appreciated it.

Growing up my parents were not religious at all, but my Dad was determined that we were going to make up our own minds. So he got me into doing a lot of bible study by correspondance and every now and then we would attend a local church just so we were exposed to religion and could decide for ourselves whether we wanted that in our lives. Probably the most interesting one was a bible study course I did that prompted a guy to come round showing us a video of a bible study camp in Waco, Texas. I was invited to go. I nearly went and my parents were keen to support my decision to go should I have decided that. But in the end I just couldn't leave my family , even for a short time. Not long later I saw that camp on the news - this time for a totally different reason. As I watched the news footage of this camp in Waco, Texas where so many people died I thought - I could have been there. Strange how life has a way of taking you on different paths. Imagine that.

We have started baby/parenting class. I joke that I really hope we pass! They are a little boring but we are still going. I hope next week will be better. There are 10 couples in the class. One of the other dads is a neighbours cast member. He is such a nice guy and we all get on really well in the class. He has my sense of humour so we joke a lot. You will be pleased to know that my belly is the smallest in the class (and I thought I was huge).

I am still working hard. I have three more weeks left on my job, but I am also working friday nights, and both Saturday and Sunday (full time) at the shop. This may have to change as we get closer but for the moment it seems okay (except for Saturday when Hubbs and I had a huge fight because he called me lazy saying I would prefer to "play" rather than work! I think I am the most un-lazy person around at the moment - how many other women 7 months pregnant would work a minumum of 57 hours a week plus do all the housework and all the cooking (hubbs is not doing any of it) ? Lazy indeed - it still riles me thinking about it. He did apologise later but the words hurt. )

We have finally started clearing out the spare room for wriggles to move into. I really really had to push Hubbs to get into it, and every day it is a bit of a struggle for me to get him to do a bit more. he wants to come home from the shop and rest, whilst I would be happy for him to work on the room for just one hour a night and then rest. I think he thinks there is a lot of time left and it is frustrating the hell out of me. I am doing as much of it as I can myself - lifting smaller things and doing it bit by bit. I wouldn't mind if we had a weekend or something to work on the room, but the shop is open 7 days a week so our ONLY time is after the shop shuts. Please hope that he gets motivated soon (before wriggles is born preferebly!). To be honest I have done most of the work myself (not that he would acknowledge that). He has just done some of the bigger stuff. Still - I don't care as long as it gets done - soon!

And now for some minor stash enhancement. The three different ones at the back are acrylic specials that were too good to pass up - lovely and soft they were 5 balls for $3 and the three at the front are just carnival 8ply on special for $2.50 each. Some of you know that over the years I have been knitting squares up in cream, and two tones of brown and they perfectly match the triple tone in these balls so i just had to buy them. I am thinking of maybe knitting up some more squares in this and using one ball to join all the squares. One day. Another UFO.

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At 5:59 pm, Anonymous seepi said...

so glad you are having a great pregnancy.

I think you had best have a sickie from working at the shop one weekend soon, and do what you can in wriggles's room.

Don't leave it too late - I thought I would do stacks once I finally went on Maternity leave, but by then I couldn't really bend over....

At 3:45 am, Blogger Ruby said...

I'm so happy for you! Reading how happy you are with your pregnancy reminds me of my own.

It's a miraculous thing!

At 2:01 pm, Anonymous Leoni said...

Hi hun,

HAPPY 31 weeks!! Not long to go now till bubba bugs is here, whooooo heeeeeee, then your life will change lol but for the better ofcourse.

Really starting to get excited now that the time is getting near. Man it feels like this PG of yours is taking forever, I know it hasn't but each week is just taking ages for me.......

Hope hubs gets the room done soon, if he thinks baby bugs will go 40 weeks he's got a surprise coming his way! By the amount of work and stress you have been under I predict baby to be here at 38 weeks at the latest. And no you are so one of the NON laziest peeps I know, he must have been drunk when he made that comment. Bah to men :-(

Well take care and will keep popping in to see how you are faring.


At 9:04 pm, Blogger Em said...

Yes...enjoy the time before the baby comes. I had six weeks and so many people told me how they thought they'd have more time. You just need to be a lady of leisure.


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