Saturday, June 16, 2007

Belly shots!

We had my youngest Niece V's engagement party tonight - it was really nice and a lot of fun. I actually thought having lots of people touching my stomach would freak me out but it didn't - perhaps because they were all family? My nieces V and F couldn't get enough of touching my belly and feeling wriggles kicking them. My sister got a kick too which made her happy - she ordered a kick yesterday so I am glad she got one.

I love how Hubbs can't stop touching my belly in public. If we are anywhere, and nobody is "copping a feel" then he has his hand there, as if being possessive about it, and trying to get others excited about wriggles. He has become a very proud daddy to be.

My niece F went to a psychic the other day and although she was skeptical about going, she was freaked out by the knowledge this woman had. She named F's parents, her boyfriend (exact names, not just "a name starting with M or sounding like "rob, robin" etc). She mentioned her nonna's wedding rings and how nonna was happy that F's mum had had the rings made into a special wedding ring for her last wedding. She mentioned my mum and how she was still asking whether they had found the silver spoon that went missing yet (my Mum had a very special silver dinner set that Dad bought her for their 25th wedding anniversary and she only used it on special occassions, and one day after "a special family dinner" and after doing the dishes, she realised she was a spoon short - we turned the house and the garbage upside down and never found that spoon).

Then she told F that her grandfather had a message (my Dad). He said he was so very excited about the new bundle of joy that was about to be born (and strangely enough that is how my Dad would have worded it too - it is just like him) and then he said that he was so pleased to see that the baby was a "boy/girl?" My niece won't tell me what sex he said the baby was - she is keeping that to herself to see if it comes true - she will tell me after wriggles is born.

It was kinda freaky, and now I am considering seeing this person myself. What do you all think about this stuff? F said she really told her nothing, and tried to keep a straight face and watch her body language when anything was said , even if she was freaked out by how exact this woman was.

Hmmm interesting huh. Bizarre that this is the second psychic that has had a message about this pregnancy. The first was my dear friend in Qld passing on the message that this baby would be okay. I think by memory she also was told the sex of the baby but she wouldn't tell me either. Amazing huh.

Anyway, I wore my maternity top and I felt great wearing it. Everyone was so amazed by how I look - and extended family that I haven't seen for years (like my ex-sister in law) were so happy for us that this is finally going our way.

So after a long day and night, no makeup at all (I couldn't be bothered), I got Hubbs to take a couple of pictures. Oscar had to be in one of them! Cheeky little bugger. So without further adu, here are the big pictures (and I didn't mean big as in lots of pixels!).

Ok so be honest - I am huge huh. Come on you can be honest.

Yesterday was a busy day (cause you know we never do anything by halves). I went to work and walked straight into crisis meetings about the project I am working on (luckily the crisis points have nothing to do with me, so I was only there to offer advise). I got out of those meetings at 1pm starving only to find several missed phone calls from hubbs - his motorbike won't start and he is stuck at home - the shop locked up tight when it should be trading.

So I left work, raced home and grabbed him, raced to the shop and we opened up, only to discover that we had missed two deliveries, one of those being live aquarium plants that if we had to wait until Monday to receive the delivery would only be receiving rather dead or dying plants. Soooooo we rang the courier company and after an hour or so discovered we could pick up the delivery if we got there around 6pm. I already had a specialist appointment with the diabetic dude (the endocronologist for those that like fancy names) at 5pm and the courier place happened to be 10 mins drive from there. So I went to the appointment (back to that later), headed off to the courier dispatch place, got the plants and then drove in heavy fog back to the shop to get them in water before they were all dead. (I made it!)

ok - so the specialist is really pleased with my progress. Despite my sugar levels increasing a bit, they haven't gone dramatically south and he is pleased that it was an increase that we would normally see during this stage of pregnancy. He upped my insulin - I now do 6 units before breakfast, and 20-24 units before dinner. He also offered me a special test - called something like the "3 month test", it is a special pinprick test they can do , and I get the results in minutes. So I did it.

I scored a 6. He got all excited about a 6. He said it proves that my "diabetic state" will have absolutely no effect on the baby - that instead of having to consider this a "high risk" baby that is likely to be born prem and perhaps large and may have glucose tolerance issues, we can consider this a perfectly normal baby that any non-diabetic mother would have. He also said that it indicates I don't really have diabetes. He believes that I just take longer to process sugars than normal people - that I just have a glucose intolerance (which is what the first doctor told me like 3 years ago when I failed a glucose tolerance test).

Despite that - he still thinks it won't hurt to treat this like a diabetic situation, and continue treating it the way we are already doing since we seem to be getting good results, my weight is still below my pre pregnancy weight and my blood pressure is perfect. yay - all good news.

Today we got up early and went to a baby store sale - We ended up buying a cot (they had one left so we just got it). I also bought a baby monitor that has pads that go under the baby's mattress to monitor the baby's breathing (yes I know i am super paranoid, but just humour me okay?). When we picked the cot up, thinking we would leave it in the car all day at the shop, the warehouse guys said "no way mate - It will just fit in your magna but you will have to leave the side windows down and drive with the breeze". Not only that - the warehouse dude just stepped up and totally readjusted my drivers seat which Hubbs and I spent like an hour getting perfect so I could drive the car! Arrrrgghhhhh.

So - we had to change plans - We went to the shop , Hubbs dropped me off to open the shop and he went home to drop off the cot and other stuff. Then he came back to the shop. I then went home to try to embroider some towels for my niece, got shitty when it didn't go the way I wanted it to, so I ended up abandoning that idea and went and bought a gift voucher instead. Then I went back to the shop, helped hubbs close up, raced home, got changed for the engagement party and raced out to Berwick for the party! Phew - can I rest now? (I should rest now - it is well after midnight and I am blogging instead of sleeping).

Tomorrow will probably be just as busy! I need a holiday!

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At 12:23 pm, Anonymous seepi said...

Such great news on the diabetes test - YAY!!
Yay for the the monitor. We started off without one, and I don't think I relaxed and slept deeply for about 2 weeks until we bought one.

At 2:33 pm, Blogger Katt said...

You look GORGEOUS!!!! I love that top too!

glad to hear that the diabetes arent going to cause birth problems.

Go see the psychic!!! I believe a good one is hard to find and she sounds like a good one.

Why cant your neice tell you the sex that the psychic said? its not like you can change it to prove her right! lol

Take care hun!


At 3:13 pm, Blogger Mother Hoodwink said...

Congrats on almost being 30 weeks. I remember starting to actually enjoy my pregnancy at around 30 weeks. Up until then I was always so worried something bad was going to happen.

Oh and you look beautiful.

At 3:15 pm, Anonymous Rachel said...

Bugsy- I agree! You look GREAT! Very pregnant but GREAT!!=) It's great things are going so well- not long to go now!!! I'm getting excited for you!!! (eg: checking your ticker every few days to see how long you have left!!) WhoooHooo! Only 10 weeks 5 days to go!! Take care!

At 4:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You look like you are glowing, your tummy is huge... be proud of your bump, hopefully all the diabetic issues will go when wriggles is born, It is so great to see you reach 30 weeks, good luck for the last 10 weeks, sit back, relax and enjoy every second, you deserve it.
Kim, Warragul, Vic

At 10:26 pm, Blogger Leeanne said...

OH Bugs you'll be so thankful that you got the breathing baby monitor. I wish I had one this week to be honest. Though I dont know if they work for 6yr old. OMG I went through every mothers nighmare this week. (read my blog). You look great, just enjoy it, spoil yourself and remember this is the EASY part.

At 11:22 pm, Blogger Em said...

You look wonderful. Your bubba is going to be a healthy one and he must be very happy in there. Enjoy the next 10 weeks. Maybe we'll have another catch up before baby arrives?

At 10:39 am, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

That is the cutest wriggles belly I have ever seen.

Enjoy this time Hun it moves so quick from now on.....

10 more weeks and wriggles will be here !!!

Love me x

At 10:00 pm, Blogger Gil said...

Wonderful news about the glucose intolerance Bugsy! YAY! I'm really glad that the pregnancy-induced diabetes won't be long lasting or have an effect on Wriggles. That is great!

And Oh.My.God. You look spectacular!!!! VERY pregnant but superbly spectacular! Be proud and happy; enjoy it to the maximum. And spoil yourself a little; soon, you won't have time to!

At 10:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything sounds like it is going well really, i love your top too. It's not long to go now. Have a excellent week if possible.
Hugs Lesley

At 3:40 pm, Blogger Ruby said...

You look great! I LOVE the top! Is it the one from Target? I'm glad everything is good.

At 2:08 pm, Blogger Katt said...

10 weeks!!!!!!!

I am all excited! lol


At 4:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey !
Just thought I'd pop in here and say Howdy. You look great. I love the colour of your top. It suits you so well. I'm so glad all is going great for you guys. Hubby and I are yet to start this phase of life, but you are certainly an inspiration. Hope I look as beautiful as you, when my turn comes !! Jobie : )


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