Sunday, July 15, 2007


Sorry I have been a bit absent. Everything is fine, except I have a shocking cold thanks to hubbs! And of course there is very little I can take for it, so instead I took three days off work, stayed home and rested and drank lots of water. It is a little better but my nose is still a tap and I have a lovely cough.

Let's hope it is gone by the time bubs is born.

Wriggles has been great. We had an OB appointment on Thursday and Fundal height was right on 33weeks so doc is still happy for us to just continue on without monitoring just yet, and had a meeting with the diabetic dude on Friday and he is happy with my sugars too.

I mostly have my bag packed for me but still don't have wriggles bag packed, nor do I have a baby room yet. Last night we got back from the shop about 10pm, had dinner and then I got stuck into the room, packing up books into boxes. Hubbs got annoyed at me because he said I should be resting (yeah but the room ain't going to pack itself is it? and I don't see him moving his growing backside off the couch at all over the last week to do anything for that room!) . Eventually he decided to get up and help and we ended up getting all the books in the room packed up and ready for storage - so that was great.

I just wish we could get it finished. I need it to be finished. I need to be able to sort out clothing and wash it, put it away. I need to know what I have already and work out what I need. I need to be ready for this baby and I need it now.

The rest of the house is a mess. I am ashamed to admit there are things on the floor that I just can't pick up and I am still waiting for hubbs to pick them up. Nothing dirty or anything, but things like I was washing out an old milk bottle and I dropped the clean lid on the floor a week ago and it is still there. I just can't bend over to pick it up, so I am going to have to "ask" him again and see if this time he tells me off for "nagging". Arrgghhhhh why is this all so difficult.

I know he has been sick with this cold, but so have I and yet i continue doing everything because I know it has to be done. I know the shop is demanding and he got 2 large deliveries this week that meant he had to stay back and put stock away a couple of nights. I know that he, like me, needs some time each day to rest, but when does the room get done?

I think I would feel better if the cradle was put together and I had the cradle linen washed and ready. I would also feel better if I had the baby clothes out and I had somewhere to change nappies. I don't want a beautiful themed baby room - I have given up on that. Just give me the basics and do it today! Grrrrrr.

Anyway enough about that - you are all probably sick of me whinging about the lack of baby space. I have one more week at work and then I am on maternity leave. I cannot wait! Bring it on.

One of the things Hubbs did move was a solid cardboard core that had paper wrapped around it. The paper got taken off and rolled up and the core came out to be disposed of, but Oscar had other ideas and loves playing in it. His favorite thing at the moment is playing Peek-a-boo with his Daddy. He sits and waits until Hubbs walks by and then the paws come up and his little head peeks above the rim - it is hilarious.

This is a pic of Oscar and Hubbs playing peek-a-boo together.

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At 1:42 pm, Blogger The Momma / MrsHUGS said...

Oh wow Bugsy just a week of work left woo hoo, are you planning on going back to work after bubs is born... Oh no about bubs room not being ready... Love the pic... hehehe...

At 10:28 am, Anonymous Shawnee said...

your cat looks just like mine!

At 1:41 pm, Blogger Katt said...

I hope you are starting to feel a lot better now hun! I know that cold is the pits, getting over it myself..I hated getting sick while pregnant.

count down is creeping closer and closer to bub time!! I am so eager to see piccies of buggy butt!!


At 4:04 pm, Blogger sue said...

It is hard to be sick when you are pregnant. Maybe some nice hot honey and lemon at night before bed will make you feel better. The cat looks so cute peeking out of the container. You should keep those containers. I used to visit the Werribee Market and a lady there used to paint them, put a trim of wallpaper around the top and bottom edges, and then make a lid out of mdf, stick on a handle and you have an instant toy box, or fabric box, or knitting storage. I have a purple one with fairies for my daugther, and a burgundy one I keep my fabrics in. They are so handy and I am sure you could make one for your new baby when it arrives.


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