Sunday, September 09, 2007

4 weeks on

Hey Little man - you are now 4 weeks old - 1 whole month.

What has the last month been like?

You have learnt to smile - and give us the occasional chuckle.

You have learnt to turn your head towards a noise.

You love to watch Mummy and Daddy's faces at every opportunity

You have learnt to wave your hands and kick your feet to move yourself around.

You have learnt to melt my heart.

Mummy has learnt that her heart is not totally broken after losing your siblings and that part of her heart was sitting there reserved - just for you.

Mummy and Daddy have thought about your three siblings and hold them dear in our heart - and wonder what could have been. We love you all equally.

Mummy and Daddy are tired, beyond explaination tired, but we wouldn't have it any other way - we love you dearly little man.

You still mew like a little kitten at times, and cry like a lion's roar when you feel like it.

You have this funny way of crying when you are hungry and it sounds just like you are saying "Hungy" over and over - Daddy thinks you are incredibly smart and already starting to talk - Mummy thinks it is just a coincidence. It does make us laugh though.

You throw your mouth around looking for the bottle teat as if you had never had a meal before in your life. This usually results in milk being evenly distributed over your face, but you don't care.

You love the breast more than the bottle - and sometimes it is the only thing that makes you happy - and it does make you happy. It makes Mummy happy too - she just wished she had enough milk to satisfy you totally. Hopefully soon!

Just like in the womb, you still get hiccups daily. You hate hiccups and frown when you get them.

You love cuddling up to Mummy's chest and love moving your head close to my face when you are on my shoulder. Our favorite saying is "You know the rules! If you get too close I have to kiss you!" and you smile when I do.

You love "Incy wincy spider" and smile when I sing it to you. But if I sing anything else you frown. You particularly hate "Mary had a little lamb" for some reason.

You love noise and will happily sleep through the noisiest place.

Last night we dropped in at a party with you and got a characture (sketch) done of the whole family - (Mummy looks shocking though, but you look cute as a button - our first family portrait).

You hate having hats on and kick off any socks or booties I put on you. I love dressing you up in cute little outfits. You look so spunky!. (and the sayings on them are sooooooo true!)

1 month down darling - millions of more to go.

Check out these cute little feet! (and a rare photo of him actually wearing his socks!)

Couldn't you just eat these cute little feet up?



At 8:13 am, Blogger The Momma / MrsHUGS said...

OMG Bugsy is it really 4 weeks already since Alex was born...
aawww... He will be all grown up when we are down in Novemeber...
Enjoy everything...



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