Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wriggles by name and nature

Wriggles is still a wriggler. No matter how much we tightly tuck him in or wrap him up he manages somehow to wriggle out of everything and around to different spots in the cradle.

This is how Hubbs found him the other night - he had to go get the camera to show me (I had done a midnight run to the supermarket - lucky me).

So other stuff - breastfeeding - nothing has changed. Getting a little sick of the whole situation to be totally honest. Thank you all for your advise, website links etc - they are very interesting and I have pretty much tried everything on the list lol. Not time to give up yet but I think the day will come in the near future. Alex just cannot get enough on the breast alone, and if we have to go to formula totally - then that is just how it will be. As you can see, he is thriving, so things are going well in that area. I will keep going as long as I can doing both though.

My family - well Alex is now 6 weeks old and I still haven't heard from any of my family except for my sister, who cried over the phone to me this morning about how she wishes she could visit or call more - I wish she could too - she has only seen Alex once and today was only the second phone call I have had with her in the last 6 weeks. She is going to come visit him Tuesday at this stage. Hubbs thinks it is guilt because he thinks she could have made the effort if she really wanted to. As for the rest of the family - to be honest I feel like the family leper. Why are they all avoiding me? Is it me? I just don't know but it makes me very sad indeed.

After I wrote this, I checked my answering machine and found that my sister in law called me Friday night and left a message - saying that she has been really busy and got home from work early so decided to call me - I still think there must have been opportunities in the last 6 weeks when she could have called but will be nice and polite and call her back.

Having said all this my niece who is 22 said something very nice to my sister - she said "Nana and Pop used to spoil us kids but Alex doesn't have them here, so it will be our job to spoil Alex like they would have" which made me cry, and was very sweet but again Hubbs said "that is all very well, but where are they?" Alex doesn't need material things to know he is loved by the family - all he needs is cuddles and attention. As it is, if someone new holds him he frowns and stares at them like "who are you appearing into my world?".

Today we had more tummy time and he is well on his way to rolling over - which surprises me. He gets the leg in position and half rolls over but hasn't worked out where his arm should go just yet. I don't think it will be long though.

He loves laying under his play gym and smiled properly at me the first time I walked into his room this morning, which made this mumma very happy. He also smiles at his pooh bear toys when he is laying on his play gym mat.

OK I think I have waffled on enough in my sleep deprived ravings. It is such a beautiful day here in Melbourne - I hope you are all having lovely sunfilled days with just a hint of a breeze - just lovely.

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At 9:54 am, Anonymous seepi said...

I'm sorry about your family.

MY friends were the same and I was so disappointed. Many visited once early on, and then never again. I think people know that parents of newborns are tired and they just leave you alone. They could really call though!

bubby is very very cute!


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