Friday, May 30, 2008

Couple abandons "wrong sex" babies

Update on the update: after reading several other articles about this it seems that the couple did walk away from their beautiful babies, only to reappear two weeks later when the media started making a big deal about it. The husband's son from his first marriage has also appeared to defend them. I still think it is wrong on lots of levels.

Update (thanks Suzi): seems this story might be complete bollacks! Well everything is probably true except for the parents abandoning them - that doesn't seem to be true at all. Gee - And i thought everything I read on the internet was always true! I am sooo naive!

This is just incredibly wrong in so many ways. Check out how old they are! OMG i so want to love those babies.

"HOSPITAL workers in Britain were left stunned after a couple reportedly abandoned IVF twin girls immediately after giving birth because they weren't boys.

The couple of Indian heritage but who live as British citizens in the city of Birmingham told medical staff directly after the Caesarean section delivery they weren't going to accept the girls as they were the "wrong sex", UK tabloid The Sun reported.

The husband even reportedly asked staff at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton how soon his wife would be fit enough to fly to India to have renewed fertility treatment in an attempt to have boys to carry on the family name.

The couple had undergone IVF treatment in India because with the mother aged 59 and the father a 72-year-old they were deemed too old to undergo the procedure in Britain.

The Sun quotes a source at the hospital as saying: “Everyone is utterly appalled. How could any parent do this?

“This is Britain in the 21st century.

“But they just weren’t prepared to raise these two beautiful girls.”

Female babies are often abandoned and sometimes left for dead or killed in India by traditional families who only value male offspring.

Following the discharge of the mother, who ignored medical advice that she should rest in hospital, the babies have been transferred to another hospital in Birmingham where they have received no visitors.

British authorities have told The Sun they are investigating the matter"


At 8:18 pm, Blogger Suzi said...

It's weird how some people see things, the couple in question are obviously from a culture that prefers a son to a daughter.
But in real terms? This couples age makes me wonder just how much longer even with "fertility treatment" they can go on trying for this elusive son.

But being born in Britain has probably given these twin girls an advantage they might not have had in India.

At 8:25 pm, Blogger Suzi said...

Oh! I see following your link that now the new story is the parents do want them.

Cultural misunderstanding???

At 8:19 am, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

What is the world coming too ?


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