Saturday, May 03, 2008

My little starfish

It has been bloody cold here lately. I mean, bone chilling , want to hide under the doona cold. So because I had to do things like take Alex out into the cold to take Mum in law to hospital - things that could not be avoided, Hubbs and I went out and bought him a parka. The smallest size I could get was size 1, and that was fine with me because he is in size 0 now, and hopefully a size 1 will see him right through this winter. The parka is big on him and we have to roll the sleeves up and try to find his hands. It is well padded, and when it is on him he reminds me of a starfish, as he can hardly move. His Auntie also bought him a hat that does up under his chin and isn't easily removed. All this makes mumma happy but Alex isn't exactly impressed with his added layers.
It's a bob the builder parka - isn't it cute? It also has a detachable hood that you can't see in the picture. My poor little starfish.

Mum in law update: she is doing okay in the hospital - she has even called me less so i have been able to have a little bit of a break, which has rather felt like a bit of a mini holiday (yeah I know - i really need a life). She desperately wants to go home and i hope she doesn't as i have done my best to encourage her to stay.

I was rather taken aback yesterday when i emailed her other son in Sydney to give him his Mum's direct phone number (he only had the ward number), and got an email back from his wife that basically said that they had no intention of calling her as they didn't really want to be bothered by her negative attitude. Ummmmm yeah that is really going to help her - NOT. Nice to have family support isn't it.

Anyway, I just hope that she is getting the help she needs so dearly and I will still call her and still visit her - I am not going to abandon her.

I went to the doctors and have had some tests that i still don't have any results for. I also have to go to get a cat scan on my back and some blood tests for arthritis. My sister has arthritis throughout her body and the doctor suspects that I might have the same problem which is causing both my pain when i try to go to the loo, and the pain i have had in my hips and legs since before Alex was born. It makes sense, but i really don't want arthritis this early in my life. Anyhow, I won't worry about it until after all my tests. Who knows - it might be nothing at all.

ok back to my knitting which i am pleased to say i have actually been able to do a fair bit of today - yay.

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At 8:51 pm, Anonymous Josly said...

Awesome product! I would love to buy one of these for my baby.

At 8:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a cute little starfish you have Bugsy!


At 8:50 am, Blogger Mony said...

OMG. I love rugging them up!

At 2:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, he is adorable in his parka!
Yes it is freezing in Melbourne..
I hope you don't have arthritis, but atleast you would have a diagnosis.
Hugs, Lesley

At 4:18 pm, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

I want to snuggle that little bubba in that huge parka...

Love Love Love...just adorable...



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