Thursday, March 20, 2008

Long time - no post

As you may have deducted by now, my internet connection died dismally a week or so ago. I have since had an hour of half hearted connection that eventually died as well.

After talking to my service provider, they suggested that I might like to close my account and take my internet connection elsewhere - very nice of them eh - basically I am too much trouble with my crappy internet connection and they will be very glad to see the back of me.

I am now joining the multitude of others in my area with a cable modem connection (joining "small lake"). Apparently my area has more cable modem installations than any other area in Melbourne (presumably because they all had the same problems I have had with adsl over our local phone lines?).

This won't be installed until the 25th March, and even then only with a temporary modem as the modem they promised me is not in stock so they are setting me up with a "loaner".

Until then I pull my hair out, constantly whine at my husband to spend more quality time with me because I am starved of human contact, play with Alex until he is even sick of me and is giving me baby sign language that even a well seasoned adult would understand means "for goodness sake Mum, let me sleep!", and I will keep on baking cookies to entertain the mormons and Jehovahs witnesses that come to my door. (I have seriously wept to these people as they have been so nice. I think I may have misjudged door knockers in the past - my apologies to you all). Of course my sms bill on my mobile to Katt is going to be a killer this month - luckily I pay those so Hubbs won't see the damage.

So what have you missed? Here is the quick roundup. (in point form as it is nearing midnight and we are still at the shop (lucky Alex sleeps anywhere) (oh yeah - and the reason I can post this at all is because I am at the shop!).

* Alex is continuing to be a perfect angel. He is just so happy all the time (except when he is tired and I want to keep playing - then he gets cranky). He got his second tooth 8 days after the first one and boy is he flaunting them! It is so cute to see a toothy smile instead of a gummy one. He still is not crawling and I have resigned myself to the thought that he may never crawl. he much prefers to stand than to be on his tummy, even though I force him several times a day to be on his tummy.
* Hubbs and I have been having a bit of a hard time at the moment. We actually sat down and discussed our marriage and whether it was worth trying to make it work, or whether we should just call it quits. It has been hard and there is a lot of lead up to it, but the basic problem is that I am desperately lonely as I am usually asleep when he comes home and in the mornings he is always running late so he gets up, runs to the shower, dresses and leaves. Some days he doesn't even hold his son the entire day. He is stressed because he is trying to improve the business singlehandedly and it really needs 2+ people working on it, and we just can't afford to hire anyone. But - we have decided that we owe it to ourselves to try to make our marriage work. We still love each other immensely and we just need to find some balance in both shop and home. We will try at least. I know he has made a huge effort since our chat, and I came to the shop today to spend more time with him, and for him to spend time with Alex.
* My sister came for a visit. It was lovely but short (she came on Saturday around lunchtime and left Sunday afternoon.) She came to "help" - asked many times what she could do to help, got lots of replies from me such as "the dishes in the sink", and "vacuum the lounge would be great", but she never actually did anything except read magazines and watch foxtel. So I still had to run after Alex but also had to run after her as well. Still the company was nice.
* I have been knitting heaps (can't tell you what as it is a secret pressie for one of my bestest friends who is having a baby in July). I am 30% of the way through my secret project.
* I did some stash enhancement at spotlight on their 20% off day - got some of their new sock wool for just $4 a ball! Amazing value. Then went and bought some lovely acrylic at "the warehouse" - 2 x 100gm balls for $2.49 - wowsers. Hubbs wasn't impressed with the money i spent but I just said two words "you smoke" - and he shut up - guess my once off purchase was probably only worth about a weeks worth of smokes anyhow - so he can't really say anything.

ok - that is about it - there is probably more but it is now after midnight and I can no longer think properly. So I am going to finish finalizing the till for the day and take Alex home then hit the sack. Nite all.


At 11:08 am, Blogger Katt said...

oooh big post!!

i am really looking forward to you getting the net phone bill is going to be HUGE too!!

hope things in your area settle down soon..sounds full on and not so fun there..hold in there chicken..

At 8:24 pm, Blogger Casp said...

So much is happening!

Hang onto your marriage for a bit longer if it is only frustration or lonliness getting to you.

The first year with a baby is an isolating time if all your friends don't have babies too and you don't have a lot of money to play with.

And likewise the first 2 years of a business are rough. With luck your business will take off soon. Or hubby will give it up - either way life will be easier.


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