Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why blogging is so powerful.

So I make the trip to the shop, desperate for internet time, and blog about how I have no internet, and then I go home and lo and behold, my internet connection is working. For how long? Who knows. But as soon as I told my husband he said "don't do anything else, just enjoy it for as long as it lasts" so I am taking his advice and ignoring the dishes, the washing and everything else that needs doing and sitting here on my backside, blogging and doing a much needed checking of my friend's blogs. See how powerful the power of blogging is? A whole bunch of technicians couldn't fix my internet problem, but as soon as I blog about it, wham - it is fixed.

Mum in law is still ill although a little better. For the first time in a month when we visited yesterday she asked to hold Alex. A definite improvement. The services have started helping her out and the house is much cleaner - you could actually see the pattern in the floor tiles! She still isn't cooking and meals on wheels hasn't started yet, so I am still supplying some of their food. Yesterday I cooked pumpkin soup and took that over. simple but nutritious (plus I am finding very little that they will both eat that I can cook in advance - very tricky stuff).

Other stuff - my bosses (ex boss now I guess as he has quit while I have been away) girlfriend had a baby girl during the week (his third child (all girls), her first child) - I got photos and I have to say she is absolutely adorable. I cried when I saw her (such a sweetie). It is a difficult situation though - I do wonder what the children involved in this situation are going to think in years to come, since this baby is born only 4 months after his second daughter to his wife was born! A difficult thing for all I am sure. I just hope it all works out. I really like my boss and I really like his girlfriend (also a work mate). I won't judge them as it is none of my business but my heart does sadden at those hurt in this situation. I also knew his wife (also a workmate at the same place), but we haven't really been friends since she hunted down and married the boss lol. (of course, a fat lot of good it did her - 3 years later and she is on her way to divorce with 2 small children).

I have been scoping out child care facilities and discovering very fast that unless you put down for a place before you even got pregnant you have little chance of getting in. I have just found one place though that has just opened (but the owner has been in the biz 25 years). I checked the place out and I love it. I love the staff, the owner was fantastic and allowed me just to drop in any time to check it out - no appointment. The fees are huge but I think it is pretty normal (around $300 a week). Alex wanted down while we were there to play, which he didn't do at any of the others. Best of all she hasn't filled all the spots for July yet, so has me down as a definitely interested person. (does that make me a DIP?). If she looks like filling up, I may have to start Alex there sooner than July, but that would be okay too - gives him heaps of time to settle in, a chance for me to get the house sorted out and time for me to help more at the shop. Or I could return to work sooner.

That is, if my job is still there. There was a take over bid recently that was rejected (presumably that won't be the last bid as the company is doing exceptionally well). Since I was on leave, my boss has left and also my replacement boss has now quit, so by the time I do return there might not be anyone who recognises me lol.

OK - I had better go - blogging might be essential but so is eating and I think I should go have some pumpkin soup for my dinner.

And of course I wouldn't blog while I could, without a photo update!

Dan - remember the Nike set you sent for Alex? It is so adorable and he loves it. I think he looks so spunky in it. Thank you.
Alex has lately become very interested in the cats and if they walk in the room, Mum, Dad, Toys and TV are all forgotten as he stops to watch the cats every move. They are excellent with him and very gentle - even when he grabs fur and pulls. They cry but don't scratch or bite and just wait for him to let go and then they scamper. We have made a huge effort at every opportunity to show him that you pat the cats with an open hand, very gently. Sometimes he gets it right - as shown here with Molly:

I love the peek-a-blocks range and he has a few toys to go with the blocks. His favorite (that's my boy!) is a dump truck. It has cute music and when the back is pulled back it makes a crashing noise. hehe He loves it.

I think the shirt says it all. Since starting solids it is an action to be feared (believe me!) lol.

Nite all.

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At 9:11 am, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Oh I do remember !...He looks so adorable standing up like a big boy....

I also love the ShhhhhhI'm downloading shirt....

Will have to get you to send some to my e-mail so I can put some on my fridge of fame...

He is such a little spunk...just beautiful....

Give him a big kiss from me X

At 5:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is so cute!
Hope your up and running still next time you go to log on.
Hugs, Lesley

At 9:01 am, Blogger Katt said...

i love the shhh im downloading shirt..thats funny stuff!!

his little buggy socks might be getting close to fitting him soon? or might they be for NEXT winter?? I cant remember how big they

lets hope your net is back up for good now..


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