Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sort of back

I am sort of back - my internet is working but intermittently so I never know from one minute to the next whether it is just about to die and be unavailable for hours on end or not. Fun!

My sweet little boy is so incredible. I was watching him today in the rear vision mirror as we travelled to the shop. He was sitting in his car seat, playing with his toy butterfly (that he loves - thank you MrsHugs) and he played with it for approx. 15 mins worth of travel. Then he got a little tired, so he paused, dropped butterfly and grabbed his dummy, and lifted it straight to his mouth. Once dummy was fully inserted he looked at trees outside the window and then relaxed and had a little nap. It made me smile so much - he is just so cute!

He is growing so quickly too. For a little boy who was in 0000 clothing for so long, he has grown at a rapid rate and now just a week shy of 6 months he wears 00 tightly and 0 comfortably. What a little piggy.

We started solids and he loves every taste we give him. There is hardly any spillage and he cracks it if I don't get the spoon to his mouth quickly enough. I am sure he hardly tastes any of it - it goes straight down his throat. I gave him his dinner tonight and his daddy said "he will never eat that much" but he did and he protested loudly for more. He got 2 extra spoons of sweet corn (pureed) on top of the 3 spoons of sweet corn and 4 teaspoons of rice cereal he had already had. What a piggy.

He loves to taste things with his hands. The food goes in his mouth, and the hand follows and only then does he seem to taste the food. lol.

We went to lunch with our friends Andi and baby Jesse - you might remember that Jesse is also an ivf bub born just 6 days after Alex. It was so cute seeing the babies together. Andi even snapped the cutest pictures of the two of them:

Andi and her fiance are about to get married - very exciting times. If you are reading this hun - I hope you have an incredible day!

Mum in law is still not well. It is a huge mess at the moment and she has kicked her 81 year old husband out (ok he is not a very nice person and I couldn't live with him either, so no real surprise there), and he has been calling daily begging to come home, offering to help out more and do housework etc. It is very sad. It upset her so much today she went to stay with a friend for a few days which leaves muggins here to go to her house every day and feed the 2 cats, the dog and their two very old cockateils. Of course I didn't find out today until late, so Hubbs has gone tonight instead as I wasn't about to drag Alex out of bed to go feed the animals.

As I said it is a huge mess - not only is she depressed and totally unhinged at the moment, she wants her house cleaned up, her husband gone, and company 24/7. I go there pretty much every day and sit with her. Alex is totally bored there no matter how many toys I bring as I can't let him play on her floor anywhere without the blanket as it is so disgusting. She told me she mopped the floor just before i came yesterday, and we had only just arrived when Alex decided to throw up. I grabbed paper towel to do the initial wipe of the floor where he chucked and the towel came back black. it is so gross. She has let me do some cleaning. I discovered the inside of the microwave is actually white after a lot of scrubbing! I will get to the floor as soon as I can too. Let's just say she stopped doing any housework a long time ago.

She asks me to take her shopping and so i get Alex in the car, go to her place, take him out of the car, go inside, wait until she is ready, put Alex back in the car, go to the shops, take Alex out of the car and about then she says "no - I don't think I can do it, please take me home" so Alex goes back in the car and off home we go. Then we get him out of the car and inside and not long after she will say "can you still get my groceries for me? oh and take the baby - I can't care for him right now", so back in the car we go ......... it can be a very exhausting day - especially when it is hot.

Her hubby is her second husband (he is my Hubb's step dad). He has children from his previous marriage and they are all very coniving and unfortunately we have to be extremely careful that mum in law is protected against them. I would hate her to lose her house and all she has. Her husband retired 17 years ago and she has been supporting him ever since.

I know this sounds terrible but it would be much easier if her hubby (step-father in law) just died in his sleep or something. He isn't a very nice man - never has been. It would be the easiest thing for everyone if he was just gone. (gosh that sounds terrible but if you knew him and what he has done in his life you would understand completely).

There were signs of her impending breakdown that we should have noticed earlier. She cut chunks out of her loungeroom carpet until there were only pieces left under the furniture. We honestly just thought she was cutely eccentric.

So of course, I have been worried sick about her. My stomach as gone nuts and I have spent a great deal of every day in the loo. Not fun at all. I haven't had time for mothers group, or going to the doctor to renew my script for my stomach medication and I haven't had time to take myself or Alex to the Chiropractor. My shoes literally have holes in them and I have had no time to go look for replacement shoes.

I just hope this situation is resolved shortly or I may have a little breakdown of my own lol.

Anyway - I will finish with some cute pictures:

Alex playing in his activity centre. He adores this soooo much:

How to weigh a big fatty? hehe you stick him safely in a box, sitting on scales (putting the box on the scales first and zeroing them).:

He weighed 7.86kgs here (that was about 2 weeks ago).

Night all - Hopefully my internet is back for good and I will be able to post more (if Mum in law settles down too).

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At 11:49 am, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Sis...You sound like you are rushed off your feet.
Promise me you will make some time for yourself, you dont want to go getting sick or anything.
Take Alex out this week and buy yourself a nice new pair of shoes.
Before you go ring up.. (is it granny)...Sorry worked last night... and ask her to write down a shopping list or tell you over the phone.

There are even nursing Government funded services that will shop and clean for her. Most cost only 7 dollars a week. I have them for my grandparents and are wonderful.

I find that it takes the pressure off me as well as they get to chat to another face a few times a week.

Love the Photo of Jess and Alex..just adorable...xoxoxox

At 9:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi mate, thanks for the mention!!
Our boys are just so cute together in that photo!!
Once again thanks for our gift, you are so very
Your MIL should get some help else where, you can't do it all, you need to look after yourself,"Alex needs his MUM !"Talk to you soon, hope the internet connection is kind to you from now on!!
Andi xxx

At 3:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree! You need to get help from somewhere. Enquire about Home Help with the local council. They should be able to provide some help with showering, cleaning and keeping her company atleast once a week. Let us know how you go.
Turn off your mobile, take the phone off the hook and have some time to yourself, you need it and Alex needs you to have it.
and...get those new shoes!
Luv ya..
Hugs, Lesley


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