Friday, December 21, 2007

Busy busy busy

I can't stop thinking about my work friend's sister. I went to my work last week and although I didn't see my work friend while I was there, I left him a sympathy card for the family. It seems such a minor thing but I am not sure what else I can do. I wish there was more.

Leni - I am so sorry hun. It is very sad isn't it (that sounds so wrong -"sad" just doesn't say enough). Leni - can you email me if you get a chance? I would like to privately chat to you about this if I could. (email me at mail.bugsy (at) - obviously substituting the (at) for @)

Things are busy at casa da bugsy. Alex and I are at the shop every day now until Christmas working. Alex doesn't do much there except charm the customers and the ladies working at the Op shop next door who can't get enough of him. Hubbs loves it as much as Alex there - they love being together - mum gets forgotten but she also gets a bit of a rest caring for the little man. He hasn't been sleeping so well lately with his teeth, and i have been getting about 4 hours of broken sleep a night. I am exhausted. Today I left Hubbs and Alex together at the shop and went and had a sleep in the car for an hour! Desperate measure I tell you!

It's toothypeg time for both of us too. Whilst I have just finished a root canal (with no anesthetic for any of the procedure!), Alex is working hard on pushing out his first tooth. He is drooling like the oceans need refilling, around his mouth it is constantly wet, and his hands are permanently in his mouth. He chews on his fists and then cringes and cries because his gums are sore. He has a little bit of a rash around his mouth too. He won't hold a teething ring and isn't sure he likes it in his mouth anyhow. He is chewing on his other play rings though so that is okay. He has the worst nappies at the moment - roughly 4 dirty nappies in a day and sometimes that can be one after the other! We have been putting gel on his gums and that seems to help too.

Our pram died. The front wheel seized up whilst I was shopping and I had to wheel it like I was doing a wheelie with the front wheel elevated, back to the car, looking and feeling like a right idiot. Hubbs fixed it but it was only a temporary fix as it had worn a vital part. I am waiting for a replacement wheel to arrive in the post, so feeling rather house (or shop) bound at the moment without the pram. Pretty crap for a pram we used for a total of 4 months. It wasn't under warranty because we bought it when we were pregnant with Tukka, and so we hadn't used it since it was bought (because obviously we miscarried Tukka). Still it only cost me $28 including postage for a new wheel so I don't think it is that bad.

Christmas is going to be a shamozzle (great word huh). My family cannot get their crap together and nobody can agree on when we can get together. My sister and I are both being 100% flexible even though we know most dates being suggested mean that our partners won't be able to make it. My brothers are competing to see which date they can suggest that is the most inconvenient for each other and both are being stubborn on dates as well. I am kinda over it although I am sad that Alex won't have my family there for his first christmas.

We are going to have lunch with my mother in law on Christmas day. The rest of the time will just be spent enjoying Alex. Although I am sad my family have chosen not to spend it with my son, I am overjoyed that I can have my son with me this year. I can never say the extent to which I feel so blessed that I have my baby at last. At the same time, every day I think of my friends in real life and here online that are still struggling with the journey of trying for a baby. I hope you all know that I think of you - that I wish every day that your journey can have a happy conclusion.

Alex has been threatening to roll over for weeks now and yesterday 21/12/2007 at approximately 9:30am, he did it! All by himself! All he has to figure out now is how to move his arm as he had it stuck underneath himself lol. Both Hubbs and I were there to witness it, and of course the camera was handy! Here is the pic of him rolling over for the first time! He hasn't repeated it since, but then again, his teeth are worrying him now so play time doesn't involve rolling when your mouth hurts.

Here is a pic of him getting ready to roll. Note his hair is growing and seems very blonde (in the right light there is some red there!).

And this is just one that makes me smile - he has the brightest smile!

I hope all your lead ups to Christmas are non-stressful. Many blessings to you all and Happy Christmas (or happy holidays to those who are not into Christmas).



At 1:42 pm, Blogger Sara said...

Just precious! Makes my ovaries shake a little just looking at him . . . . awww . . ..

At 4:08 pm, Blogger Katt said...

YAY he got the rock and roll thing happening finally!

oh the evil teething. I tell you thats one thing I dont miss. And you are doing everything I would have suggested anyway so I am no help there

Hope you Chrissie is a lovely one. Even if it is just family (like mine is) its still able to be great.

I just love his smile. I stand by he is the most gorgeous baby I have seen in a long time.


At 9:18 pm, Blogger Drew said...

What a good looking boy! Seriously Bugsy, you are doing such good work with him. Well done. He is totally gorgeous.

I backtracked a few of your blogs to read about the passings, my goodness, I am a firm believer in living today as it is your last. Makes you think that life is terribly fragile isn't it? Makes me want to hug my own pumpkin Poopee right now too.


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