Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The "no time to post" post

I don't really have time to post. But I am here anyhow.

Alex is great. He had his 16 week checkup last Friday and is now 6.2kgs and 60cm long - my little boy is not quite so little any more. He has me wrapped firmly around his little finger - yesterday we were at the shops and he was screaming blue murder and nothing I did settled him, so I stopped at one of those seats in the middle of the shopping centre and took him out of the pram - instantly he stopped crying and there was a definite smirk on his face. Two elderly ladies sitting next to me both laughed at him and told me that if I thought I was the boss I was sadly mistaken. Naughty boy! But when he laughed and smiled at me, I could hardly remain annoyed at him.

He has discovered doe eyes and will look all doey at his dad and I - which of course melts our hearts. He will then laugh.

Last night he did not want to go to sleep and being on my own with him still at midnight (Hubbs was STILL at the shop - was totally annoyed with him on that score), I got frustrated and said in a really stern voice "Alex - GO TO SLEEP!" - he just looked at me, hesitated for a second and then gave me the biggest grin. how can you get angry at that?

Today is Hubb's birthday so we are waiting for him to come home at a reasonable time so we can have a nice dinner together. I hope he comes home soon as I don't want to be cooking late tonight.

I am keeping busy - trying to get my chrissy pressies all organised and have been knitting alex a toy lambie for christmas. All knitted now - just got to sew it up and stuff it.

Now could you ever get angry at this?

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