Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My sister's dogs and Training

As you have probably gathered by now, my sister has a lot of dogs. In fact, I have trouble keeping track of them all. Here are some of them:

This is Rishy. Rishy was the runt of the litter of pups that their dogs Lady and Kye had. Rishy is still half the size of the other pups in the litter and she is about 5 months old now. We are hoping she becomes like a miniature shepherd (which would be so cool as they are sooooo big). Rishy is very beautiful but a real handful and they really have to try to spend more time training her. Rishy will stay as a pet.

From the left, here are Max (Australian Shepherd), Sarge (a 9 week old pup of another litter that Kye is the father of), and Lady (another rescue dog - Lady was close to death when they rescued her from a family that had no idea how to look after a shepherd pup and had been unknowingly starving her). Lady is now very beautiful and healthy.

This is the big man Kye - Kye is beautiful and beautifully trained. he is like a big teddy bear, extremely gentle but huge.

and finally Old man Rollie - Rollie is a very old Shitzu/Maltese cross and he prefers to stay indoors away from the other dogs.

Here are a couple of photos from the training session - all the dogs walking nicely in a circle:

Here are the dogs sitting and staying perfectly.

In two weeks the Yarram show is on, and these dogs will be demonstrating dog obedience lessons. They are very excited but also very nervous that their dogs will all behave on the day.
They also have (I think) 4 or 5 of Kye and Lady's other pups that they are training for the RAAF. I think Sarge is also destined for the RAAF when he gets a little bigger.

Another picture of Kye - stay standing on a beam:

and Kye sitting (I know I have lots of pictures of Kye but he is just so cute):

And finally new recruit Sarge getting used to some of the training aids:

ok - better go clean the kitchen up - apparently it isn't a self cleaning kitchen.

p.s. no progress on the knitting - so now you know that I really don't have time for knitting - hehe (1 stitch at a time).

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At 3:41 pm, Anonymous Sassy said...

Very cool. Our little guy starts puppy preschool next week and will start training 4 weeks after that. I doubt he'll ever be as cool as those dogs though.

Hope you had a nice break. Take care.

At 10:58 am, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Welcome back Sis...

Alex...You are such a cute little dude with those sunnies on....xoxox

Kai is a really beautiful dog,he looks like he belongs on a calender......
And as for Rollie....is he showing his teeth ?....what a smile....

Priceless xoxoxo

At 5:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, good to hear you are getting out and about, and that you are both home safely. Hope it was a lovely trip. The photos look great. Good to hear your sister and her man are doing well at their place. It must be lovely to have your sister to help out, in caring for the little man. Alex is growing up so quickly. And so cute too. Hope to catch up soon !! Take care, Jobie : )

At 1:20 am, Blogger Drew said...

What beautiful dogs (and your little guy is too cute too!).

Looking at the pictures of the sherman gerpherds (as I used to call Max) makes me miss him even more.

They are such beautiful animals.

Looks like you are doing a fabulous job with Alex.

At 2:50 pm, Anonymous Sassy - Melbourne Meet said...

Updated the Melbourne Meet with your suggestion.

At 9:43 am, Blogger Katt said...

what gorgeous dogs!

your sister is doing well.



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