Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Multi-seasonal weather

Welcome to Melbourne.

Yesterday it was 30 degrees celcius here (that's 86 degrees farenheit!).

It was hot.

The sun was blazing.

I overdressed to go out.

Today it is 17 degrees celcius (62.6 Farenheit) and it is cold and rainy.

I think i underdressed today. I had to also change Alex into something a little warmer.

I hope you are ready for the Melbourne weather Leoni!

p.s. I hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday Joanne - It was great catching up with you and your family last night. I think Alex liked it too.



At 3:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello ! Thank you for joining us on Monday night. It was great to see you all again, Alex is such a beautiful boy. And to see Mum and Dad beaming smiles, it's just great! Take care and catch you soon... Joanne :) oxox


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