Sunday, October 14, 2007

9 weeks old

Alex is growing fast. He is starting to outgrow his 0000 suits and has a little more hair now. He is smiling more and laughing a little. He is far more interested in the world around him and seems fascinated by the tv. He recognises people now and smiles more when Nana comes to visit than when he sees anyone else. (even mum and dad).

He sleeps well and although we haven't got him sleeping the whole night through he is doing pretty well - usually sleeping a minimum of 6 hours in one stint.

The cats steer well clear of him, but get concerned if he crys and sit near him staring at him and getting more and more agitated if we don't come running. It is very funny.

Every day I wonder if we are doing all the right things - Am I stimulating him enough? too much? Do I talk to him enough? Should I be reading more things to him? Am I putting him to bed too quickly after a feed? Am I making him stay up too long after a feed? It never stops. I guess that is normal.

I find it increasingly hard to get out of the house. It seems so much effort. If you want to run to the shops to grab something it becomes a major excursion. For example, Safeway have nappies on special at the moment - boxes of nappies $13 off. To get 2 boxes of nappies you need a trolley, so then if you take Alex with you, you have to either put him in a harness on your chest (which quite frankly makes my back ache very quickly), or find a trolley with a baby capsule built into it, and get him set up in there, but then the trolley isn't really big enough to put 2 boxes of nappies in it, or you find someone to mind him. i have gotten great at running up to the shops while hubbs is getting ready for work in the morning.

I have gotten interested in getting some sort of veggies growing. I couldn't put them in the back yard as if it isn't an established plant it won't survive with my dogs, and seedings would not have a chance at all, so I have taken to planting seedlings and seeds in the styrofoam boxes that the live fish arrive in at the shop. I have placed these down our sideway where the dogs don't have access - not exactly what I would like in a veggie garden but it will do. Since we still have quite strict water restrictions here, I am catching rain water (when it rains) for my veggie garden and hope it will be enough as I don't really want to supplement it with tap water if I can help it. So far I have three kinds of tomatoes, and have planted onions and butternut pumpkin. i am still doing research on other veggies that grow well in tubs. I would love to grow carrots but not sure they would do so well. Maybe I could choose a short variety. - Any suggestions on container veggie growing would be most appreciated.

I am still knitting in my ahem "spare" time - as well as constantly trying to get some order into my house. i do feel like I am getting somewhere but have a long long way to go. One step at a time. I feel happy if every day I get one more thing achieved. It may not be noticeable to everyone but I know the difference is there.

And finally - some pictures of the sleeping boy. This is a 000 suit and is a little big for him. If he stretches out he fills the legs and feet well, but as you can see here he does tend to scrunch up his legs when he sleeps which leaves a floppy leg suit. hehe looks like he has funny legs though.

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At 9:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bugsy
When I lived in Perth, I grew vegies on my balcony - I lived on the third floor of an apartment complex. I chose to use long rectangular pots that had water wells in the bottom of them, so I put water in the well and the roots of the plants sucked the water up as they needed it.
I grew lettuces (the ornamental varieties that you just pull leaves off as you need them), tomatoes, baby carrots, capsicum.
The worst thing that I had to contend with was the birds getting into the carrots but I found that putting a little chicken wire/mesh over the top of the pot in an arc shape helped. Good luck!

At 8:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too find it hard to go shopping!!
I went on Thursday, bought everything I needed and nappies only to tell John to go out again and get a second box, too cheep to get just one box..I needed a cat nap after being out. Will call you soon..
Love Andrea & Jesse xxx

At 9:25 pm, Anonymous Leoni said...

Awww Bugs, he's GORGEOUS!!! Look at THAT face, cuuuuute!

Hey, welcome to the world of motherhood, its our duty to stress over everything. But being your first bub you DO worry about everything and anything. I too was never able to get out of the house when I only had Anya, now I am so skilled at multi tasking (said with smug look on my face lol) I can get ready in the morning with 3 girls and make the beds and hang washing and still get out within 1.5 hrs to go shopping. No mean feat with a almost 3yr old and 9 month old in towe. So it does get easier, I promise. Your next one you will throw over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes while talking on the phone, stirring some food with one hand and turning the pages of a book with your foot lol



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