Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My brave little man

Alex went for his 8 week immunisations today - poor little poppet.

He was very brave. We had some baby panadol before we went and he cried at the taste - I don't think he liked it very much at all. He was asleep for the rotovirus syrup and in his sleep instinctively sucked on the dropper - he swallowed the lot without even realising he was getting it.

Then we had the injections - 2 in one thigh and 1 in the other. If I had breasts he was actually interested in I would have breastfed him during those, but he really wasn't interested, so instead I distracted him by talking to him and stroking his face. He cried when the needle went in each time but stopped 2 seconds later. After the last injection, he got a huge cuddle from Mummy and went back to sleep.

Since then he has been asleep, and only wakes if he moves his legs - they must hurt him. Then Mummy cuddles him and he goes back to sleep.

I will watch him closely for signs of fever or anything, but so far he seems okay, apart from sore thigh muscles.

p.s. I am knitting again - yay!!!!!!

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At 4:37 pm, Anonymous Sassy said...

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At 2:53 pm, Blogger Leeanne said...

Alex looks like a happy little man, I think the injections are more emotional for mums than bubs. I had a few tears when Mr 7 had his 5yr old injections so he could go to school.
It's normal that he sleeps after injections, dont know why but both mine did.

At 7:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Leeanne, it seems we are more emotional than our bubs when it comes to injections. Glad you both got through them just fine.
Lu'n'hugs, Lesley

At 11:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My little one slept, but also got really upset later in the evening and was very difficult to settle apart from when I was holding her. It is heartbreaking to see them so upset. I have read about using Em*la cream or patches on the spots where the injections are to be given, but this needs to be applied about two hours beforehand and numbs the area (I have used it in the past for piercings). I will certainly consider using this for our next lot of shots.


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