Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We're back!

We're back and we had a lovely time.

As you can see Alex totally relaxed while we were away:

We were staying at my sister's place, which as well as being their home, is also a dog boarding kennels facility, and a dog training centre. This is part of the dog boarding complex - kennels in the background and exercise yards in the front. (some still being built). The runs are all very big- i think they are 8m long by 4m wide or something like that and the kennels in them are actually kiddy cubby houses so they are huge. Each one is painted a different color - very cute.
They genuinely love dogs and their boarders are very spoilt. Every day they get time in the exercise yard, not just being placed in there to amuse themselves, my sister and her fiance actually go in there and play with the dogs. They also get lots of love and attention and if they are there for a few days, they get bathed and brushed. It really is quite a luxurious doggy lodge.

Do any of you remember the puppy my sister and her fiance rescued? (recap - my sister's fiance went to visit the farm they were buying and on arrival discovered the previous owners were about to get rid of (I will leave your imagination as to how), a puppy that they didn't want - the last of a litter of pedigree Australian Shepherds that they had but hadn't been able to sell. He rescued the pup and brought him home. They called the lucky pup Max. ) Well Max sure has grown up - he is also beautifully trained and is now doing agility training. Here is my sister putting Max through some of his paces.

And here is a close up of Max - isn't he just gorgeous!

My sister also has a cow called bessy and ducks and chickens - including two new arrivals - the first chicks she has had! They are sooooo cute.

Alex took everything in his stride - On Saturday they ran a dog training class and I volunteered to take pictures - (pics next post). Alex came and sat outside with me while I took the photos. It was very sunny so he even got to wear his baby ray ban sunnies. (check out the dummy sitting sideways too - he always does that).

It was nice to be able to share Alex with my sister and also have some help with his care. He was a trouper sleeping 8 hours every night, and being such an angel during the day. Of course he came home yesterday and played up all day and then only slept 5 hours last night. It was quite a trip back - I only did one brief stop to fill up on petrol in Traralgon (68kms (45mins) from my sister's place) so I drove for 3 hours straight and was very glad to stop at the end of it. Alex slept the whole way home. (hence why I didn't stop - if he was settled I just kept going).

So now I have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Back to reality *Sigh*

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At 4:48 pm, Blogger Leeanne said...

Bugs, Lil'man looks adorable in his sunny's. Your sisters place looks like lots of fun but lots of work too.

At 9:40 am, Blogger Katt said...

i love that sideways dummy cute little glasses man look!

He is such a cute kid


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