Tuesday, December 11, 2007

christmas is fast approaching.

How did that happen? how did christmas sneak up on me like that?

We have been well - Alex had his 4 month immunisations today and the poor little man is not taking it well. In between sleeping and drinking his favorite thing to do today is scream and cry. He wakes and immediately starts screaming, tears running down his little face. He is quite obviously in pain. He continues screaming when I hold him, when I change his nappy, when I sing to him, when we heat up his bottle together and when we sit to feed. He stops during feeding but as soon as he has finished his bottle it starts up again until he falls asleep. Screaming and the occassional deep trying-to-catch-my-breath type sobbing. Poor little mite. I have had to resort to baby panadol. I hope that helps him.

Oscar is his guardian - he has taken to sitting near him when he sleeps and guarding him. Guarding him from what? I have no idea. Perhaps from Molly our other cat - you know, just in case she walks by.
Alex has become more hands on with his toys. He loves his colored rings - almost as much as he loves stuffing his hand in his mouth. The rings sometimes make it to his mouth too but he has trouble trying to stuff the large ring in his little mouth.

He also loves his blue blankie which is really really soft. It has a satin embroidered square that says "my precious little baby baby" cute! Ohhh and he sometimes also poses for the camera - hehe.
I have finished the lambie for his Christmas pressie - here is 3 sides of lambie - back view with tail sticking out:
Side view showing pattern at side of overalls.:

And front view - not sure I am happy with the face, but it is okay (since I redid it like 3 times before I got to this one)

I hope he likes it. I love the color of the overalls. Thank you Katt for all your help making it (she answered all my lamb (or should that be LAME) questions).

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At 6:55 pm, Blogger Katt said...

OMG i love those piccies of Alex!!

and your lamb looks gorgeous..only 2 more toys for me..sigh


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