Saturday, February 23, 2008

No internet makes Bugsy a little crazy

I am reminded of the motto on Katt's blog (with a little modification):

"No internet makes Bugsy go a little something.......something......."


"Don't mind if I do!"

So I am back to no internet - lucky me. Many phonecalls and arguments later I am being advised that it is likely to be an internal wiring problem somewhere in our house. Apparently the line has been checked right up to the house and apparently that all checked out okay.

How to solve this? I am fresh out of ideas. I can get a professional in to trace and test all my phone connections (of which I can count 7) but that would be big money and we just can't afford it. So no resolution in sight just yet. Hubbs is going to go into the roof cavity and check that the possums haven't gotten in and chewed any wires there. That is a start at least.

So I am at the shop today and it is busy busy busy - very good for us, except there is a high percentage of people who want advice but not a lot of goods. For example Hubbs spent 2 hours with a customer today advising him on setting up a new tank and he left, happy and well advised but didn't spend a cent. Hopefully when he does buy he remembers the good service and comes back!

I am starving and haven't had time to eat yet, (I chose to blog instead lol). Haven't eaten today and need food soon or I might collapse. There hasn't even been time for a coffee today.

Alex had his first accident yesterday. He was on hubb's lap and hubbs was distracted for one second and he rolled off. Before he hit the floor, Hubbs grabbed him and he accidently scratched his neck. Alex has three deep scratches on his neck now. I guess that is better than him hitting the floor (which was concrete with a thin layer of carpet so not very forgiving). Still I wasn't very happy and Hubbs got a lecture from me about anticipating everything and not letting him get into a position where he could roll off. hubbs said it scared the life out of him when it happened. My poor boys.

ok better go - more customers.

take care guys and hopefully I will be right back on track with a reliable internet service soon. (has anyone tried internet through a couple of tin cans and a piece of string? - come on - it could work!)



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